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  • Hot Tips on Writing a Book Report

    Hot Tips on Writing a Book Report

    At K-12 level, you will often be tasked with writing book reports. This type of assignment tests your skills in writing, analytical reading, and thoughts expression simultaneously, so no wonder tutors are so fond of book reports. After receiving the assignment for the first time in your life, you might not know where to start. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with a book report format, all you have to do is to follow the requirements, which are pretty straightforward. Below is a brief outline of a book report to get you started. First and foremost, a book report is an essay, so it should ...

  • Stages of Creating an Essay

    Stages of Creating an Essay

    As you must already be aware of the structure of a conventional essay (introduction, main body, conclusion), there are also a few stages of the writing process that you should consider. No essay should be composed without pre-writing, drafting, and editing. These three steps will make your paper immaculate and eradicate all the possible mistakes or miswriting. Learn to Write a College Essay Pre-Writing Before even touching your pen (or a computer keyboard), you should already be ready with the ideas that will be presented in the essay. One of the most helpful means of gathering ideas is ...

  • How to Write the Perfect Introduction of Your Dissertation

    How to Write the Perfect Introduction of Your Dissertation

    The dissertation is one of the most difficult kinds of work in the scientific field. This work is much larger in volume than an essay or research paper, and it takes a long time to write it. Despite the fact that the introduction is the smallest part of the work, in fact, it plays a very important role. This small text should present your dissertation in the best possible way and interest your readers. Although writing such paper is quite a difficult job, everyone can write it successfully. Here are some very useful tips that will help you create the perfect introduction. Secrets of Proper ...

  • Essay Paper on Racism in Schools

    Essay Paper on Racism in Schools

    Racism is defined as discrimination of certain people who belong to a different race. This prejudice is based on the assumption that different races possess specific characteristics and that one races are superior to the other. Unfortunately, racism affects people of all ages, and it is often found in schools. Expressions of racism in schools can take different forms such as bullying, exclusion, verbal abuse, name-calling, and teasing. It can be experienced not just by children and students, but also by teachers, workers, and parents. Needless to say, racism in schools has numerous negative ...

  • Tricks of Writing a Political Science Research Paper

    Tricks of Writing a Political Science Research Paper

    To write a strong political science research paper, a student has to develop and apply a set of good research skills to achieve his or her aim, especiallywhile dealing with a research paper on such a serious field of studies for the first time. Because of the catholicity of political science and its tight connections with economics, history courses, sociology, and other sciences on different levels, a student is expected to analyze, form, and support his topic and opinions with the help of substantial sources. And here most students face with first problem: choosing a topic! As far as the ...

  • Social Institutions and Their Importance

    Social Institutions and Their Importance

    Institutions are called social when they deal with the social issues and the ways the society functions. Actually, such establishments form the foundation of the society as without them it becomes hard or even close to impossible to achieve success in social interaction, politics, economics, and other spheres. If the society is devoid of specific rules and regulations, people are more prone to be involved in misconduct and criminal behavior. Therefore, social institutions serve a regulatory role in the society to ensure that people follow norms needed for proper functioning and ...

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