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  • How to Write a Reaction Paper

    How to Write a Reaction Paper

    The reaction paper of an article should include a thesis analysis of its content, an indication of the degree of novelty of the study, its relevance to current scientific trends. It is also necessary to evaluate the theoretical and applied significance of the study described in the paper. In your essay should be an analysis of compliance with the requirements for the formatting and integrity of the work, reasonable criticism of the shortcomings of the article, an overall assessment of the article, and your recommendations. In reaction to an empirical scientific article, the quality of the ...

  • Essay Example on Feminism

    Essay Example on Feminism

    Feminism is a concept that has gone through so many transformations that it is difficult to give it one clear definition. From a groundbreaking idea to a common belief to a mild offense, feminism has become so complex that it exists in many shapes and forms. The most widespread and classic definition is the striving for social equality between men and women. However, it is essential to look into different subcategories of feminism that represent different views of those, who support it. In this essay, we will focus on three main types of feminism – socialist feminism, liberal ...

  • Being or Becoming an American

    Being or Becoming an American

    What does it mean to be/become an American? According to a prominent historian Philip Gleason, to be or to become an American, one should not necessarily have any particular national, language, religious, or ethnic background. This individual must, however, believe in the political ideology based upon the ideals of equality, liberty, and republicanism. In fact, it is possible to infer that the ideological character of American nationality is open to all people willing to become American. Basically, to be/become an American entails behaving like Americans and accepting their lifestyle. But ...

  • Punctuation Hacks to Make Your Writings Thrive

    Punctuation Hacks to Make Your Writings Thrive

    As the experience shows, students have a tendency to make the same obvious punctuation mistakes all the time. However, such negligence results in low rating even if a paper deserves a higher grade. Simple errors spoil the impression of the whole paper not giving a chance to evaluate worthwhile information delivered in it. No matter what type of writing you complete, polished punctuation is an easy and effective method to improve your papers and grades as well. Here is a list of the common mistakes and some ideas on how to eliminate these problems and never repeat them again. Tips on How to ...

  • Writing to Explain: Top Tips to Create the Best Paper

    Writing to Explain: Top Tips to Create the Best Paper

    Writing to explain may seem like an easy task to fulfill. Unlike other common writing types such as writing to argue, persuade or advice, explaining requires less creative approach and may turn out to be simpler. However, the research that should be done before coming up with the paper itself may be quite a challenging task. You would require the peculiar skills to analyze and gather the most valuable information regardless of what you are trying to explain, either a sophisticated theory or any practical use. Therefore, here are a few useful tips to make you get acquainted better with the ...

  • How to Write an Editorial Essay

    How to Write an Editorial Essay

    Writing an Editorial Essay for a Newspaper There are different types of essays that you may receive as your homework. And while most of them are not as hard to understand and write, like narrative, descriptive, persuasive essays, there is one type of essay that students encounter a lot of problems with - an editorial one. For students who have to write an editorial essay but have no idea what it means, we have assembled a list of tips to help you with your task. However, before we go on to advice, I think it would be good to answer an important question, “What is an editorial ...


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