Tips on Writing Applications: CV & Resume

Tips on Writing Applications Writing applications is always a challenging task. Candidates have many concerns as to whether they have provided all the required and necessary information and whether they did everything in the right way. Actually, these concerns are not pointless: if some important information is missing, the application will be likely dismissed. An interesting thing is, if applicants send the same resume or CV to many employers, they will not succeed, as they do not adjust their CVs to specific vacancies. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some secrets on how to succeed in the application process.

The Main Difference between a Resume and Submitting a CV

Despite the fact that such notions as “resume” and “CV” (shortened from curriculum vitae) are usually used interchangeably, they are not the same and are referred to different kinds of documents. Therefore, do not hope that your potential employer won’t know the difference either. If your career will involve a lot of business trips and travelling on the whole, you should definitely know the difference. Continue reading

5 Student Traditions from Different Countries

5 Student Traditions from Different Countries Just like any branch of society, students have their own traditions and customs they cherish. Due to cultural differences, these traditions vary from country to country. Here are the most interesting ones.

The Scream

When it all gets too much and studying puts you at your wit’s end, Swedish students offer a great way to relieve your tension – just let it all out in a form of a primal scream. Usually late at night, students would open their dorm windows and just scream into the void. Once this ritual begins, more and more students join from their windows, and for those who are not familiar with this tradition, it might sound like a scene from a horror movie.

Burning Ribbons

Portuguese students have a special way of celebrating the end of their studying and it involves burning ribbons. However, this is only a part of a massive festival. This tradition goes back in time and has evolved into an 8-day celebration that is common for quite some Portuguese universities. It starts at midnight in May and signals a week free of studying and full of festivities for graduates and locals alike. Continue reading

Is Astronomy Worth Studying?

Is Astronomy Worth Studying People have always been attracted to the outer space. Many of us are mesmerized when we look up into the sky and are attracted by the magnetic night sky with dozens of stars. While trying to comprehend the notion of infinity, we frequently wonder how little knowledge we have about the universe, planets, galaxies, and stars. So, if you are still a college student who is very much attracted by the mysteries of the universe, why not study astronomy? For some, it might seem as a boring subject or a waste of time, but actually this discipline has changed our perception of the world we live in. What is even more important is that there are still a lot of things left for the astronomers to investigate.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Astronomy?

Studying this interesting subject will enable you to conduct different research projects, collect and analyze data, and participate in different conferences, where you will present your findings. Besides, if you are lucky enough to take part in some international conferences, you will become a member of the scientific community or will get the chance to work in collaboration with some prominent researchers. Moreover, there is a huge possibility for you to broaden your knowledge regarding numerous aspects of astronomy and find some answers to the problematic questions. Interesting, isn’t it? Continue reading

Steps to Improve Your Budget During Summer

Steps to Improve Your Budget During Summer Summer comes and you start thinking about your last not really good experience with your budget. Summer time is definitely something that you’ve been waiting for during the academic year, but summer isn’t only about the sunny days at the pool and doing nothing at all. It’s a great opportunity to make some money. Stop dreaming about financial stability and take the initiative!

Simple Steps to Make Money if You Are a Student

Be a Tutor

Use your education to the fullest. Summer is the time for you to offer your knowledge to others. Lots of parents want their children to study over summer, so it would be very simple to find your ‘own clients’ wishing to study a little. Tutoring business is interesting enough and has lots of advantages, as you can earn money right at your own place.

Be a Dog Walker

It seems to me that this way of making money is one of the most usual and the easiest ones, especially for those who love pets. You spend time with those lovely dogs outdoors without much difficulty and you are paid for that. What can be easier? Continue reading

Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

Surprising Benefits of Volunteering Even though at times it can be difficult to find time for volunteering, you should still try to do this. This experience will be extremely rewarding for multiple reasons, from stress reduction to boosted career opportunities. Furthermore, it can be more useful than internship or networking events. Are you surprised? Do you want to know what the benefits of volunteering are? Then read this article and think about it – maybe it’s time to start helping others?

New Skills

Volunteering is one of the best ways to learn something new and develop new skills. It can give you more benefits than internship. Being an intern you usually do repetitive tasks, while being a volunteer you perform a number of different tasks, have the opportunity to adjust your position, and get an extremely engaging experience. Continue reading