Should the Internet Be Censored?

Internet One of the most disputable questions of the modern times is the issue of censoring the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, there have been attempts to take the necessary measures with regard to web information. The process of filtering the data on the Internet evokes heated debates all around the globe. Considering the fact that the World Wide Web has never been under censorship, this issue creates discussions and disputes. It is widely accepted that the Internet is the richest and the most unique database that has even been created. However, it might be the worst informational waste pipe at the same time as well. So, should the Internet be actually censored or not?


Applying censorship in the sphere of online technologies is an attempt to control uncontrollable, isn’t it? However, the Chinese have done their best to create the “Golden Shield” act. It appeared in order to censor several web pages. According to this act, a number of web pages were filtered by keywords related to the national security of the country. Consequently, a large quantity of popular sites was blacklisted. Believe it or not, Wikipedia also had to stop its existence on the territory of China despite the provoked scandals. Continue reading

3 Tips on How to Overcome Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination First and foremost, to understand how to overcome procrastination, one should know its definition. In simple words, it is a putting-off the time-bound things and concentrating attention on unimportant ones. The first thing a procrastinator should do is to acknowledge that he is a procrastinator. However, how one can understand it? Well, if you have an important assignment to do, time is running out, and you are watching Netflix, you are a procrastinator. Before writing your paper, you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee, and suddenly remember that you have something to discuss with your friends, you are a procrastinator.

Indeed, this person can find many activities to do instead of doing the necessary task. When the deadline gets closer, most probably, this person will do the low-quality work. If you believe that you become a procrastinator from time to time, but you want to get rid of this unpleasant habit, feel free to learn a few significant steps, which would help you to become more diligent and responsible. Continue reading

The Impact of Gender on Writing College Application Essays

College Application Essay Throughout the ages, gender has played a dominant role in the human life. It is a social construct that society has enhanced by assigning the roles, actions, expectations, and behaviors to men and women and labeling them as "male" or "female." Speaking about the gender difference, we mean not only the formed social roles but also the gender peculiarities of perceiving the information and communicative differences, etc. The gender identity is developed in early childhood and at the same time, children develop gender-role preferences. In this article, we are going to show you how gender influences writing college application essays produced by boys and girls. We are going to demonstrate you the difference between the written application essays of both genders and to show you some useful hints that can help every young fellow to improve his writing skills. So, let’s start! Continue reading

5 Tips for Student E-mail Marketers

E-mail Marketers Many students find it hard to make ends meet, so they’ll seek different opportunities for employment. One of such opportunities is E-marketing. Another way of e-mails being used in marketing is applied by young entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. Although this marketing technique is not new, things might not work out for some students who don’t know what common difficulties this sphere can bring. Here are five tips on how to make your e-mail marketing strong and successful.

Don’t Use a Generic E-Mail Address

E-mail marketing is a serious deal, so it might be surprising that its success can boil down to the e-mail address you use. Nevertheless, studies show that people have a lot more enthusiasm for creative and unique IDs. The ones that are called ‘do-not-reply’ are going to the spam folder 99% of time. Therefore, when registering your new e-mail that will be used for marketing, show a bit of creativity and all your efforts will pay off. Continue reading

Human Activities Influence Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

Three Ways Regarding how Human Activities Make an Impact on Natural Disasters

The death of 61,000 of people has been caused this year by natural disasters. What is more, 60% of victims have been killed by tsunami that happened in the Indian Ocean. According to statistics, the number of reports about natural disasters is increasing because of advancements in communication technology as well as better media reports. Frankly speaking, two thirds of this rise is real. It should be noted that it is a consequence of an increase in such disasters as tsunamis floods, droughts, and typhoons.

Some people still hesitate whether humans really trigger natural disasters or not. It is estimated that human emissions do impact on storm surges and droughts. Believe it or not, it is 100% that natural disasters are influenced by human activities. Human beings also cause occurrence of sudden natural events that result in great damage or the loss of life. Here are a few of the natural disasters that are triggered by humans. Continue reading