Major Background Differences of Male and Female Juvenile Delinquents

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Apart from been conditioned by the general characteristics of a crime, juvenile delinquency also has some peculiarities. They are predominantly connected with age, psychological and other personality traits. However, criminal behavior of youth delinquents depends on gender differences as well.

It has been estimated that the aggression level of men is higher than that of women, so most researches of juvenile delinquency concentrate on conduct disorder of males, while young female criminals are considered less frequently. According to statistics, young female delinquents are more often reported to have childhood traumas than males. Additionally, they are mre prone to depressions, anxieties and frequently prove to be suicidal.

There also exist significant differences in the nature of crimes committed by male and female juveniles. The latter are more emotional than males and establish contacts with the victims more easily. Boys, on the other hand, are twice as much often as girls responsible for murder, and four times for sexual assaults. There are more car thefts and drug dealers among boys, too. Such crimes as fraud, illegal possession or transportation of weapons are very rare among girls. Juvenile females are more often involved in gang offences, than males. Concerning larceny, robbery and hooliganism, there are no significant differennces.

Despite the fact that males are frequently involved in lethal crimes, nowadays there is an alarming tendency among female juvenile delinquents to commit homicide with special cruelty. They often torture their victims and their crime plans are more sophisticated than that of male delinquents.

To sum up, juvenile delinquency is a complicated problem and it requires special consideration. On the whole, violent crimes are mostly male based, while females are responsible for elaborated crimes and those committed in gangs. Further studying of background gender differences in male and female crimes could possibly help prevent them from happening.

Buy custom Major Background Differences of Male and Female Juvenile Delinquents essay

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