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Beowulf is a hero of an epic poem who epitomizes typical characteristics of this genre. He has an  impressively great reputation and often used and mentioned in stories and movies. He is involved in various violent engagements in order to help his people. Beowulf also  fights with Grendel, a monster that troubles the inhabitants of Heorot.  Beowulf takes the risk and fights with the horrible creature after receiving permission from the king. Beowulf also attacks Grendel’s mother and victoriously wins the battle. The mother seeks vengeance against the murderer of her son because she is in pain as any mother would be after losing her son. In the third battle courageous Beowulf fights with a dragon. It occurs after the events that have driven  the dragon out of its cave and it heads to the kingdom in pursuit of devouring people. The crowned leader of the territory, Beowulf, takes the task to kill the dragon. After lots of exceedingly fierce engagements with the creature, which can breathe fire, some men retreat, but not the hero. The battle is not easy, but he succeeds with the help of other warriors. All the battles of Beowulf depict his eminence in the society. The story illustrates highly desirable characteristics of a leader.

First of all, Beowulf is a brave leader; it is evident from the fact that he is ready to fight in order to protect others. Upon returning from the war he becomes the king of his empire and  he does not fear to confront the savage dragon. In fact, he tells warriors to let him do it alone. He is ready to do  something courageous even when  the win is doubtful.     Secondly, another trait of Beowulf is  his responsibility as a  king or a leader. He is the one who knows that his assignment is to protect people. Also, he is a determined person and he makes use of his strength to rescue others. Thirdly,

the story portraits him as  a selfless leader. Who even after becoming a king still defends his people on his own, despite the fact that there are  warriors who are responsible for  maintaining security.

In conclusion, Beowulf is a revered leader who is selfless judging from his deeds as a king. His leadership does not prevent him from going to battle fields. He is a strong man, responsible, and brave.

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