Book titled Animal Farm

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George Orwell the one and only renowned author of the book titled animal farm, talked of the issue of pacifism. Pacifism is generally all about a culture of no violence. The total abolition of war whatsoever. The pacifism belief system is that war or violence of any kind should not be tolerated. Pacifisms have this preconceive notion that any war can be prevented by disarming the disagree parties. To them, this would lead to peaceful resolving of the conflict at hand.

Pacifism too is broadly linked to pragmatism. It is believed that non-violent actions are generally pragmatically more useful. There is a viewpoint that in terms of war, the conflicting persons will see that their actions are morally wrong. This sounds like a catch 22 situation because the conflicting parties do not trust each other. They are in disagreement. Something must have triggered the conflict.

In reference to war, there is the usage of the word war hawk. This is in regards to severe war –like activity. The word hawk is strategically used as total opposite if the dove. From a biblical perspective, the dove symbolizes unity. This is with reference to the Noah’s ark story. In the condemnations of war like activities, the socialist seem to be at the forefront. They view the act of violence a being arguably brutal. War would be difficult to stop unless we put an end to social strata.

Buy custom Book titled Animal Farm essay

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