How Technology Improves Our Lives

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How Technology Improves Our Lives

Technological progress is something that has become an integral part of our life. Most of people do not even realize how much their lives differ from the realities of their predecessors. Our everyday routine is filled with so many gadgets and appliances that it is hard to imagine our world different. Without any doubt, these technological advances make our lives better.

First of all, it has become much easier to work. All possible jobs have become computerized. Sophisticated machines fulfill the most complicated tasks at plants and factories. It has become not necessary to use people for lifting heavy cargoes or doing other toil as soon as most of hard work can be done by machinery. Human force is used mainly for management and control. In addition to this, numerous devices are used at every household while cleaning, preparing food and gardenng.

Secondly, technology has greatly simplified the intellectual work. Computer programs can help us not only with calculations and grammatical accuracy. Modern software is able to drive a car, to pilot a plane, and even to simulate human mentality and speech. In addition to this, artificial intelligence is widely used in all scientific fields. Due to great possibilities of modern technologies, scientists are able to carry out extremely complicated experiments and to get the most accurate results. Besides, technological progress proved to be rather beneficial for medicine. A number of fatal illnesses and diseases became curable.

What is more, technologies have improved a system of human communication to a great extent. A few decades ago it took several days to deliver a letter from one part of the country to another. Nowadays electronic maail systems and communication software enable us to exchange information in a real-time regime. In addition, it takes just a few hours to travel around the world. Consequently, relatives and friends can easily keep in touch living in different corners of the planet. Above all, such technological devices as cell phones and GPS navigators help us to find a way out in every unpredictable situation and even emergency.  

To sum up the advantages of technological progress, it should be said that almost all spheres of human life are greatly improved and simplified due to various modern inventions. Every moment of our reality would be different without numerous devices and appliances that are used today. What is more, a plenty of new inventions are still to come in the future. However, it depends only on us whether technology will improve our lives or bring troubles.

Buy custom How Technology Improves Our Lives essay

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