Kaleidoscope of My Neighborhood

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My neighborhood is like a kaleidoscope. It is amazing how the different people resemble the colored beads that change into a wonderful picture once you look at them through the eye glass. This is how the different hues merge into one another at Liberty Park, Birmingham, Alabama.

To our left lives Mrs. Harris and meeting her is always enjoyable and inspiring. She is an old lady who lives all by herself, has no family to speak of and has a medical condition for which she needs regular medical attention. Nevertheless she has a zest for life which is very refreshing. Every time we meet, I realize that I have never come across a person who loves life as much as she does; in spite of all the loneliness, pain and agony, she lives every moment to the fullest. It is really commendable that a person situated where she is can smile through all the hardships of life.

An old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Perry, lives to our right. Mr. Perry hails from Ireland and his wife is Italian. Tey are wonderful couple who love to work in their garden, tending to plants and trimming hedges. Gardening and cooking are their two major passions; so many times I have seen the couple grill in their patio when their children came home. Mr. Perry would always tell his friends “Italian Piazza and Irish Coffee always rock!”

Mr. and Mrs. Perry are parents to nine children, who are now settled in different parts of the country. Mr. and Mrs. Perry are very fond of their children and seem to hate the loneliness in their absence.

 I have learnt a lot of gardening skills from the couple; I can now plant sage, Japanese maple, roses and gladiolas. I have learnt to hedge bushes in a neat way and make compost out of my kitchen waste.

Three houses down the block the Swinsons live. Mr. Swinson is an engineer and my Scouts master, Mrs. Swinson is my mom’s friend and their older son, Jake, is my classmate; Jake also has a younger brother Sam. The Swinsoons have a pet canine named Duke.

The Swinsons are very passionate about fitness and engage in a lot of outdoor activities like cycling, cross-country marathons, hiking, football and swimming. Mr. Swinson has taught me many useful swimming techniques and has also helped me test for Life Guard swimming merit badge.

The Swinsons are very committed to everything they do. While we were visiting India in summer, the Swinsons watered our plants and took care of the garden. Once, when the water supply was not working for some reason, the Swinsons carried canisters of water and watered the plants manually.

The Swinsons have inspired me to go through the journey of a Boy Scout steadily and bravely.

This is how my neighbors have had a positive effect on my life and indeed they are fragments of colored glass who bring joy and happiness to my life. My dad rightly says, “Don’t buy a house but buy the neighborhood”.

Buy custom Kaleidoscope of My Neighborhood essay

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