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Literature Definition

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  1. Diction – enunciation, precise pronunciation, intonation, accent, and choice of words, which form a person’s speaking style. 
  2. Image /imagery – a visual representation of a concept, idea, or an object.
  3. Simile – a comparison of two entirely different concepts.
  4. Metaphor – an analogy that is made between two unrelated objects.
  5. Mixed metaphor – a combination of a few analogies between some objects that sound quite ridiculous.
  6. Personification – a literary method of transferring human qualities on inanimate objects. 
  7.  Hyperbole – an exaggeration, which is used in literature to emphasize a detail.
  8. Meter – a rhythm of a poem formed by a group of unaccented or accented syllables, which can be iambic, trochaic, anapestic, dactylic, spondee, pyrrhic.
  9. Euphony – usage of pleasantly sounding words and mostly vowel sounds in poetry.
  10. Cacophony – a huge volume of noise from random or incoherent sources.
  11. Onomatopoeias – a way of impacting a reader by words and sentences that are imitate or sound similarly to the item or action, to which it is referring.
  12.  Alliteration – a repetition of similarly sounding consonants in a poem or sentence, which is used to amplify sound or intonation expressiveness and musicality.
  13. Assonance – a repetition of analogous vowel sounds in a poem, which has different end consonants in a passage or a line.  
  14. Rhyme – multiples of words or sentences, which have the same acoustic sound or similarities in pronunciation.
  15. Exact rhyme – a rhyme, which has exact auditory similarity and spelling. 
  16. Slant rhyme – a rhyme with identical consonants or vowels in stressed syllables.
  17. End rhyme – a rhyme, which relies on the end part of a word or a verse.
  18. Internal rhyme – a rhyme, which appears inside a verse.
  19. Masculine rhyme - a rhyme, which is made on a stressed monosyllable.
  20. Feminine rhyme – a rhyme, which is made on the last unstressed syllable.
  21. Eye rhyme – a rhyme that consists of the words, which have similar spelling, but the way they sound is not the same.
  22. Stress (or accent) – emphasizing with intonation a particular part of a word (syllable).
  23. Caesura - a pause, made by a speaker in a sentence, which is not required by metrics.
  24. Run-on-line – missing punctuation at the end of a verse by an author in order to create longer lines and improve the rhythm. 
  25. Figures of speech – a phrase or a word, which is used with figurative meaning to make a comparison, to emphasize an idea, or to make an idea more clear.
  26. Rhythm – the tempo of the audible rhyming structure.

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