The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan

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The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan

Heath Ledger starred as the Joker and Christian Bale played Batman. The movie revolves over Batman’s enrollment in forces together with Lt. Jim Gordon in an effort to end organized crime in the city of Gotham. Upon forming the coalition, the criminals reach out to the Joker in order to eliminate Batman, a situation that forces the Joker to demand payment for his services. The Joker claims that “when one is perfect at something, one should never do it for free”, a line that actually sets an idea in this complex storyline, meaning that everything seems to come with a price as nothing is given for free. Nevertheless, the initial plan to eliminate Batman is actually the reason of all the main events. The city suffers terribly since the Joker plunges the whole city, together with the organized crime, into the state of anarchy.       

The art design of this film is full of hysterical and impressive scenes and contains the balanced amount of the Joker’s appearances. The Joker’s behavior is awful, obsessed, and crazy; his irritable tone is complemented with classic sentences, such as “Why so serious?”, for example. In another instance, he robs the bank and kills all the other robbers except himself.

This movie also focuses on the changing process of the human nature with more emphasis being on the negative roles; such an approach is exceptionally creative. This is evident by the two explanations given in regard to the scar on the Joker’s face, even though they are quite different. The scar demonstrates disappointment in the human nature, which is trailed by hatred. In another instance, the commissioner Dant turns to an evil villain as a result of his girlfriend’s death. This exemplifies how ordinary people use pain as an excuse for moral corruption, whilst the hero usually transforms such pain into a tool of undermining the evil while performing honorable deeds.         

The focus on human nature makes this movie slightly difficult for the audience to comprehend; the plot is full of anxiety, creativity and excitement, which are fuelled by the human nature. However, there remain some gaps in the plot, as well as some exaggerated and unrealistic details. For instance, scenes depicting explosions are not realistic at all; Batman’s abilities are too exaggerated as he is never defeated or even injured. In addition, the personality transition of Dant in not all that smooth. 

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