Being a Team Player

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Team is a group of people organized to work together. To be in a team demands a lot of responsibility and reliability. It implies giving oneself up to the benefit of the team wholeheartedly. It does not matter what team one belongs to, he should do everything he can in order to help his team in reaching success. Being a team player is not as easy as it seems to be and not everyone is capable of handling it. It requires a set of different abilities.

Unreliable, dishonest, indifferent people will not make first-rate team players. Always dissatisfied people who are used to makig complaints about tiredness and pain will probably not make excellent team players as well. Modest and shy people will also have some problems while being in a team at the beginning. It is always hard for people with such character to cooperate with others.

Nevertheless, with the lapse of time these people can change in every way. A timid and bashful person can turn into self-confident, social and open leader if the atmosphere inside the team is friendly and the team corresponds to an entity. Constant trainings can form player’s character and strengthen his will. That is one of the ways how a friendlly team can have an efficient influence on its members.

A team player should trust his teammates, but he should also trust his coach in exactly the same way. If a trainer is interested in his team’s success, has certain fixed goals, and does believe in his players, it means that he is halfway to victory. It is doubtful whether there is a strong probability to win a game without team spirit. The last comes when players can trust each other.

Playing in a team implies that all members support one another and are always ready to hold out a helping hand to others.

Buy custom Being a Team Player essay

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