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Religion essay samples

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A Letter essay

Greetings! You’re speech was very astounding that I couldn’t help but recall every detail that you have mentioned. It was like the Gospel, the good news that each one should instill in their minds. Yes, you’re right; life is too ...

Anthropology of Religion essay

Symbolism has quite diverse correspondence in both the rituals and myths in the society.  In the traditional setting, the use of symbols to convey rituals and myths in the society has been inflexible. Symbols are used when performing rituals as ...

Bede essay

Introduction Born in Monkton, Jarrow in 673 AD, Bede was sent at age seven to live at St. Peter’s monastery in Wearmouth and later moved to a new foundation of St. Paul in Jarrow where he remained for the rest of his life. Bede’s history ...

Biblical Principles essay

Background The prevalent themes in the Old Testament include the ideas that God, our Creator, molded human beings in His image (Brueggemann, 2002). As a Creator and a Divine Being, God is sovereign (House, 1998). He is also loving and forgiving, but ...

Buddhism essay

Path of the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva is based on the self-sacrificing spirit as captured by the Mahayana Monk named Arya zura  in his Jatakamala written in the 4th century Common Era (C.E). His text contains narratives concerning the prior lives ...

Buddhism is a Religion essay

Introduction Buddhism is a religion whose believers practice the teachings given by Siddhartha Gautama. It is mostly popular in Asia, and it has a population of about 450 million believers (Keown, 2009). This religion is not that familiar to most ...

Catholicism and Islam essay

Today, a phenomenon of religious diversity has become a universally recognized fact; there are approximately 10,000 distinct religions in the world (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2006). Trends of globalization have greatly influenced mono-religious ...

Christian Religious Archetypes in Romeo and Juliet essay

When watching the movie, a controversial feeling emerges because of drastic contrast between the form and the content. The elevated Shakespearean language is contrasted with the dirt and corrupted morals of the modernity. Symbolism looks like a ...

Crucifixion of Jesus essay

Introduction The crucifixion of Christ is witnessed and documented in the four gospels books which includes Mark 15:22-32; Matthew 27:33-44; John 19:17-30; Luke 23:33-43. Crucifixion is the practice where a person is bound to a cross. This approach ...

Elements of Religious Traditions essay

Religion is part and parcel of humanity. It may be defined as beliefs about nature, and explanations on how the universe came into existence, involving moral codes to guide human life. Religious traditions are called so since they existed from the ...

History and Major Themes essay

To start with, it should be ascertained that Islam is one of the three dominant religions along with Christianity and Buddhism. Islam is considered to be one of the monotheistic religions and is based on the teachings of the Qur'an. The name of ...

History of Buddhism in Japan essay

Nara period, Heian period and the post Heian period are the three distinct periodic stages that can be used to tell the history of the Japanese Buddhism.  During the 2nd century BC, when the Silk Road was opened, there was contact between the ...

How Relational Spirituality Influenced My Christian Leadership essay

In this personal assessment, I consider to discuss rational spirituality as a spiritual development that has influenced my Christian leadership. It encompasses loving God completely, ourselves in a correct manner, and loving others compassionately. ...

Jihad and Peace essay

Jihad is most commonly associated with military ‘holy war’ of Muslims against non-Muslim nations. Yet, the religion of Islam is built upon kindness, fairness, and peace, while Jihad is Arabic word that can be translated differently ...

Journey of Faith essay

Faith can be defined as total trust and confidence in something, someone, an event or a situation. Faith in most cases develops over a long period of time as one passes through life. This can be in either favorable situations or difficult times thus ...

Judaism essay

Judaism is one of the world’s oldest and authoritative religions that originated about four millenniums ago and gave foundation to such religions as Christianity and Islam. It belongs to the group of Abrahamic religions and actually it was the ...

Lessons from Salonica essay

Can you imagine a city where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live peacefully? There are no wars and no violent acts towards one another. Does it seem too ideal in the present state of the world? Well, there was once a city where these three ...

Pagans and Christians essay

The early on Christians and Pagans shared several rituals as well as practices. Some authors like Authors Freke & Gandy emerge to assume that every part of the copying was prepared by Christians from Pagan foundations.  Still, some might ...

Pilate Innocence on Christs Crucifixion essay

Pontius Pilate, from the bible was a roman administrator who was the one who gave the last command to Jesus crucifixion. From the four gospels, of the bible, he believed that Jesus, the savior, was innocent, and he tried to save him. However, the ...

Pulse of Wisdom essay

Question I             The main difference between Orthodox and Heterodox systems is that the former accept the claims of the Vedas as independent and valid sources of information especially on ...

Religion essay

There are more than 20 major religious groupings across the globe which is further subdivided to more than 10,000 distinct religions (Vries, 2008). Of the many religions, there are more than 270 religion and Para religions that have more than half ...

Religion Coursework essay

India's traditional schools of Philosophy are always classified as orthodox and  heterodox systems. This classification is based on the acceptance of Vedas. The heterodox schools of India are in complete rejection of the Vedas to being an ...

Religion Exam essay

Introduction Japanese Buddhism history is divided into three periods. This includes the Nara period (701-794), Heian period (794-1185), and the post Heian period which moves from 1185 onwards. In each period, there were the introduction of new ...

Religious Fraud essay

Various social sectors such as religion, charity, and mass media have been used as bases for white collar crimes. Some people have used the word of God to defraud others. For instance, Guy W. Ballard, Edna W. Ballard, and Donald Ballard were alleged ...

Religious Hypothesis essay

According to James there are various elements that distinguishes religious hypothesis. Religious hypothesis should first be live. This will ensure that it makes sense to those to which it is proposed. For it to be live it should contain some ...

Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth essay

Finally, I have landed on the Earth. What a wonderful planet! It has all: oxygen, water, living beings. Let us investigate if religion exists on Earth and if the people on this planet are religious. I used a survey method of investigation to find ...

Spiritual Reflections essay

In my  life  I have on several occasion  reflect on my spiritual  physical and mental life and the spiritual aspect of life has been fascinating forcing me to give it a deeper thought. The urge to examine and reflect on my ...

The Basis of Religion Fate essay

Paul: I Corinthians 15 Paul discusses a number of issues regarding the Christian faith in his letter to the Corinthians. In his address, he acknowledges Jesus Christ’s resurrection, delves into matters concerning death and eternal life in ...

The Buddhist Religion and the Abrahamic Religions essay

The Buddhist religion and the Abrahamic religions have one main thing in common: like almost all explanatory teachings, they developed at times of “great unrest, social upheaval and spiritual hunger” (Grubin, 2010). This is quite ...

The Concept of Religion essay

There are many definitions that have been brought forward on the word religion. Among the definitions given are belief in a supernatural being or power usually believed to be the creator of  the world and all that is in it, a ...

The Foundation of Orthodoxy and the Canon essay

The orthodoxy is the belief about the true doctrine of Scripture. However, how can Christians, including Orthodox, be quite certain that they have the true Bible after almost 2000 years of the church history? How can one be sure about the proper ...

The Good Shepherd Fresco at the Catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcelino essay

The catacombs in Rome are culturally significant because they represent a part of the history of Rome and Christianity. During the era of Early Christianity (also the 4th Century CE), religious conflict was a prevalent problem in the Rome Empire. ...

The Mantra: In God We Trust essay

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is particularly intriguing how often we have handled the American currency in our lifetimes. However, have you scrutinized among others the inscribed mantra: In God We Trust? Hey! Do not start searching into your ...

The Meaning about the Kingdom of God essay

Introduction How will I pay the bills? What will I eat? How will I acquire a happy marriage? How will my honeymoon be, how will I obtain a successful career? These are the main concerns in the minds of many people, but Jesus cooled down his ...

The New Testament essay

The Kingdom of God/Lordship of Christ In the Gospels, Jesus Christ’s journeys were primarily about him traveling from one place to another, making miracles to help the poor and the sick, and in doing so making unbelievers believe in the power ...

The Number of Sacraments in the Catholic Church essay

Introduction Catholic Church is one of the chief Christian churches in the whole world. It is referred to as the Roman Catholic Church due to its history that roots at the Rome and also the importance that they attach to the world wide ministries of ...

United States Popular Culture: the Anti-Urban Ethos essay

Ambivalence and antipathy of the U.S. about urban life is widely depicted and discussed in various means of mass communications, including movies, songs, poetry, literature, TV shows, etc. Life in the big cities of the United Stated does not always ...

What the Catholic Church is Doing with Anglican Catholics essay

Many Anglican Catholics were not happy with the state of their religion and expressed willingness to come back to the Catholic Church. The official Vatican has found a method to give this faithful group a possibility of reunification with the ...

Why is Incarnation the Central Idea of Christianity essay

Christianity wasn’t the first religion or philosophy that introduced the idea of incarnation – the God coming down to the Earth in physical body to get involved in men’s affairs. Ancient philosophers, Judaism and other movements ...

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