My First Apple

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A wait that seemed eternity after my brother living in Washington DC promised me an Apple computer if I attain a good grade to get to high school finally arrived. It was around one year from then, but to me I had waited this chance for a very long time. Finally, it was here with me.

Apple Quality

The apple is designed precisely to have a long productive life. From the down to the micron, fit of each internal component to the finishing of the enclosure matters a lot. My experience with Mac Book pro made to understand the quality that it is made of. From its well-machined unibody, enclosure that is made of aluminum to its well polished and refined surface tat feels strong and durable (Kenney, 431). It is thin and light making it more portable.

High performance

My first experience with apple computer is just superb. Apple computer contains hard drive, memory, graphics processor and power supply that offer the best performances possible. Such materials such as aluminum, glass and rugged polycarbonate keep apple components in high-performance safe (Michael, 34).


The apple computer has offered me a safe online especially during checking my bank account during and the time of sending confidential email. It is also very secure when shaaring files with my friends and my family members. This is through such application as password assistant help that lock out identity thieves who are after personal data (Michael, 45). The apple computer has inbuilt encryption technologies that protect my private information and communications. Safari that comes with Mac OS X protects my computer from fraudulent website by disabling the page and offering me an alert warning about the nature of the suspected website (Kenney, 435).


My apple computer has offered services that I could not have gotten from any other computer. It has made my computer to be very reliable and efficient at all times.

Buy custom My First Apple essay

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