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  • Ragging: Things You Should (Not) Know

    Ragging: Things You Should (Not) Know

    The first thing you should know is that ragging is a term, which originates from South Asia and is commonly used to describe some challenges, rituals, and other competitions each first-year student should go through to become an equal member of a particular community. It mostly has different names in different countries, for example, hazing in the USA, initiation ceremonies in the UK, or bastardization in Australia. Although it may sound different, the main sense is the same - a way to challenge newcomers using various weird and funny activities. Origin Ragging was a typical way to ...

  • The Way Social Networks Affect Youth

    The Way Social Networks Affect Youth

    During the past few years, online social media gained such an amazing popularity that multiple researchers became interested in it. Although with time all generations have come to using social media, teenagers and the youth are now the most fanatic users of such networks as Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter. Many research studies in this field prove that social networks have a great effect on the lives of the youth. In addition, these effects are both positive and negative. Positive Effects We cannot ignore the fact that social media plays an essential part in teenagers’ lives. Most ...

  • Easy Essay Writing Tips

    Easy Essay Writing Tips

    Whether you are a high school, college, or university student, you will unequivocally be assigned to write multiple essays throughout your academic year. Many students face difficulties with this kind of assignments. However, it is not a problem to complete a good writing assignment if you know the basic steps in creating an essay. In this article, you will find some pieces of advice on academic writing. So, here are the main steps for writing an essay. Do the Research The writing process is much easier if you have the option to choose the topic. Never start writing until you fully know ...

  • Do You Want to Write a Perfect Essay?

    Do You Want to Write a Perfect Essay?

    It is not a secret that such a task as writing an essay is becoming extremely popular today. Professors realize that simple tests are becoming less helpful in checking students’ knowledge. Besides, they limit the communication between a student and a professor, and without proper communication, learning is not as effective as it could be. This is why more and more essays are written each academic year. In the age of the highly developed Internet, you can find many guidelines on how to compose a solid essay, but to save your time, we have decided to give you the most relevant tips ...

  • Professional Reflective Essay: Writing Guide

    Professional Reflective Essay: Writing Guide

    Reflective essay writing is an integral part of the educational process for every student. It is a task aimed at checking the knowledge of students at the end of the course. Usually, this essay is based on the information learned during classes, and students are supposed to integrate the received information in their papers. However, in the process of reflective essay writing, knowledge of class materials is not the only thing that matters. Proper organization of the paper, its structure, and format are also essential elements of the writing process. The following article will help you ...

  • How to Write a Good Introduction

    How to Write a Good Introduction

    Introduction organizes the entire text, so you need to take a very serious approach to the choice of its form and content. It brings readers to the problem of the paper; it also helps to move logically to the position of the author and his or her reasoned attitude to the problem. If the introduction and conclusion are interrelated, then the essay acquires the features of completeness. Important Signs of the Introduction Conciseness (the introduction and conclusion should be no more than one-third of the entire essay). Connection with the theme of the text, with the body of the text, ...

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