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  • Moral Values in Daily Life

    Moral Values in Daily Life

    What distinguishes people from animals? Physical appearance? Definitely. However, what is more important is that that human behavior is not regulated only by the natural instincts. It means that all humans have a wonderful opportunity to think critically, evaluate and experience various emotions. When the child is born, his/her parents teach him/her what is good and what is bad and how to distinguish one from another. Naturally, it is necessary to be good, since it is the feature, which helps people to survive in the surrounding world. A good attitude to the other people as well as the ...

  • The World’s Most Famous Monuments

    The World’s Most Famous Monuments

    Almost every educated person knows the world’s most famous cultural monuments. These special places of scenic beauty, pieces of cultural heritage and historic sites will definitely blow you away. Every monument represents its own history, epoch, area, culture, belief, traditions of a city or even a country. Every cultural icon acts as a symbol with different meanings. Let us dive into the magic world of the most breathtaking monuments of the world. The Kaaba (Masjid al-Haram)  From the world history, we know it is a huge black cube in Mecca that acts as the oldest and the ...

  • How to Increase Self-Confidence and Let Your Dreams Come True?

    How to Increase Self-Confidence and Let Your Dreams Come True?

    To be honest, I have never thought that I will make many worthy achievements in my life. I remember myself being hesitant about all the significant steps on my way. I always wanted to be in a serious relationship, but I scared to mess it up. I also wanted to become an actress on a Broadway show, but even when I moved to New York I did not have enough courage to go to an audition. My last dream was to become a writer, but I was scared that my works would never be published. As you can see, the fear of failure always prevented my dreams of becoming true and living the life I wanted. So, I ...

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