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  • Essay Paper on Racism in Schools

    Essay Paper on Racism in Schools

    Racism is defined as discrimination of certain people who belong to a different race. This prejudice is based on the assumption that different races possess specific characteristics and that one races are superior to the other. Unfortunately, racism affects people of all ages, and it is often found in schools. Expressions of racism in schools can take different forms such as bullying, exclusion, verbal abuse, name-calling, and teasing. It can be experienced not just by children and students, but also by teachers, workers, and parents. Needless to say, racism in schools has numerous negative ...

  • Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

    Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

    Even though at times it can be difficult to find time for volunteering, you should still try to do this. This experience will be extremely rewarding for multiple reasons, from stress reduction to boosted career opportunities. Furthermore, it can be more useful than internship or networking events. Are you surprised? Do you want to know what the benefits of volunteering are? Then read this article and think about it – maybe it’s time to start helping others? New Skills Volunteering is one of the best ways to learn something new and develop new skills. It can give you more benefits ...

  • The Alcoholic Drinking Age: Decrease Or Increase?

    The Alcoholic Drinking Age: Decrease Or Increase?

    It’s illegal to drink alcohol across the United States if you aren’t 21. An interesting fact, the drinking age of 21 years old is considered to be one of the highest in the whole world. “Forbidden Fruit” Obviously, the US drinking age is not working. We may observe lots of pictures and scenes of alcohol-fueled parties almost everywhere and, moreover, it doesn’t even surprise us anymore. Uncontrolled illegal drinking leads to alcohol consumption in enormous quantities. Unlike the UK, where you must be 18 to drink alcohol, young people at university are allowed ...

  • Shakespeare Essays/Macbeth: A Tragic Hero?

    Shakespeare Essays/Macbeth: A Tragic Hero?

    Macbeth is depicted as both an enemy and a hero in Shakespeare’s Scottish play. In this well-known story, Macbeth encounters multiple conflicts and situations. At first, he is portrayed as a hero, but later on, he turns into an enemy. As a result of his downfall, in the end of the play, he becomes a tragic hero. To define Macbeth as a tragic hero, one needs to know what a tragic hero is. This notion has a common definition – it is an individual (or in this case – a character) who has been a good and noble person but then has been led to a downfall or death due to ...

  • Writing a Personal Essay: Step-by-Step Tips

    Writing a Personal Essay: Step-by-Step Tips

    When writing a personal essay, you should pay close attention to its proper formatting and structuring. Consider the requirements and recommendations of your teacher as they may differ from the standard ones. If you have any doubts about how to write the essay, you should consult with your teacher or browse the internet for some tips. We suggest you a step-by-step procedure of writing a perfect personal essay. Essay Topic Topics for a personal essay vary. You may want to tell the audience about your life skills, experiences, and expectations. Of course, the selection of the topic depends on ...

  • 12 Tips for Better Business Writing

    12 Tips for Better Business Writing

    The sphere of business largely depends on the information exchange. Whatever your position is, it is likely that you will need to express your ideas in a written form. Although the most effective way to develop your writing skills is to practice a lot, there are some suggestions that can make this process easier. 1. Be Precise Due to the rapid pace of the modern life, people are too busy to spend sufficient time on reading. That is why clearly state what the idea of your message is and avoid unnecessary details. 2. Use Simple Language Complicated terms usually prevent the reader from ...

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