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  • Living in a World Full of Changes

    Living in a World Full of Changes

    Without a doubt, the world we live in has little in common with the world people lived in several decades ago. The civilization is changing, and so does our way of life. But which areas of human life have changed the most? Family Without exaggeration, the lifestyle of contemporary twenty-somethings would be considered as appalling if not scandalous at the times when our grandparents were in their twenties. For instance, it was disgraceful for a woman to be unmarried or to have an extramarital child. On the contrary, nowadays people are many times freer in their choices. The traditional ...

  • 5 Student Traditions from Different Countries

    5 Student Traditions from Different Countries

    Just like any branch of society, students have their own traditions and customs they cherish. Due to cultural differences, these traditions vary from country to country. Here are the most interesting ones. The Scream When it all gets too much and studying puts you at your wit’s end, Swedish students offer a great way to relieve your tension – just let it all out in a form of a primal scream. Usually late at night, students would open their dorm windows and just scream into the void. Once this ritual begins, more and more students join from their windows, and for those who are ...

  • Steps to Improve Your Budget During Summer

    Steps to Improve Your Budget During Summer

    Summer comes and you start thinking about your last not really good experience with your budget. Summer time is definitely something that you’ve been waiting for during the academic year, but summer isn’t only about the sunny days at the pool and doing nothing at all. It’s a great opportunity to make some money. Stop dreaming about financial stability and take the initiative! Simple Steps to Make Money if You Are a Student Be a Tutor Use your education to the fullest. Summer is the time for you to offer your knowledge to others. Lots of parents want their children to study over ...

  • Five Lessons About The Entire Career That Your First Job Can Teach You

    Five Lessons About The Entire Career That Your First Job Can Teach You

    Most likely, your first job won’t be your dream job. However, that’s not bad. Your first job is still extremely important, regardless of how crappy it can be. It can teach you a number of lessons that you may use throughout your entire career. Lessons You Can Learn from Your First Job You Are Expendable With few exceptions, you can be easily replaced, no matter how many skills you have. Remember, if you leave your job, someone will come to your place and it is possible that they will do this job even better than you are doing. So, instead of thinking that you’re ...

  • 5 Steps to Earning a Living through Blogging

    5 Steps to Earning a Living through Blogging

    Monetizing your writing is a complicated endeavor. Some people write articles for already existing internet portals, others prefer publishing e-books and finding an audience through social media. One of the oldest and most popular ways is setting up a blog and earning a living through providing people with free content. How does one do this? I hope that these 5 points will help you to find it out! Earn an audience over first. Yes, you can set up ads and push products from day one, but if you don’t have a readership base, what’s the point? Give yourself some time to learn the ...

  • Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income as a Freelancer

    Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income as a Freelancer

    Every once in a while we find ourselves in a situation when an additional source of income wouldn't go amiss. In such cases, freelance work comes in handy. Photography Do you have a camera which can take good quality pictures and are you interested in photography? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re half way there. You just need to do a couple of photo shoots for free, post your works on social networks, and set price for your services. As a beginner, you should charge less than average professional photographers do. You won’t look forward long for your first customer ...


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