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  • How to Write a Reaction Paper

    How to Write a Reaction Paper

    The reaction paper of an article should include a thesis analysis of its content, an indication of the degree of novelty of the study, its relevance to current scientific trends. It is also necessary to evaluate the theoretical and applied significance of the study described in the paper. In your essay should be an analysis of compliance with the requirements for the formatting and integrity of the work, reasonable criticism of the shortcomings of the article, an overall assessment of the article, and your recommendations. In reaction to an empirical scientific article, the quality of the ...

  • The Ideal Volume of an Essay

    The Ideal Volume of an Essay

    It is generally accepted that an essay is quite a small text. It should be short enough, but not too brief. Is there any way to understand how many words a good essay should contain? Here is some important information that will help you understand what the size of a proper paper should be. How Many Words the Essay Should Consist of A Long Paper Is not Always a Good Paper On the Internet and in various teaching aids, students can often find information that an average essay should have 2000-2500 words. Is such a volume of the text enough to express one's idea, or vice versa, such work ...

  • How to Write the Perfect Introduction of Your Dissertation

    How to Write the Perfect Introduction of Your Dissertation

    The dissertation is one of the most difficult kinds of work in the scientific field. This work is much larger in volume than an essay or research paper, and it takes a long time to write it. Despite the fact that the introduction is the smallest part of the work, in fact, it plays a very important role. This small text should present your dissertation in the best possible way and interest your readers. Although writing such paper is quite a difficult job, everyone can write it successfully. Here are some very useful tips that will help you create the perfect introduction. Secrets of Proper ...

  • 10 Free Reading Libraries for Your Academic Papers

    10 Free Reading Libraries for Your Academic Papers

    When submitting academic papers, it is crucial to double-check that you have used only credible academic sources to support your claims and arguments. Actually, there is a wide range of databases and libraries where you can search for peer-reviewed journals, books, articles, etc. However, many of them happen to cost really a lot of money that now every student can afford. The fantastic news is that there is a perfect solution to the problem: there are numerous free websites and libraries where you can extract or read online credible sources needed for your paper. You can find those sources on ...

  • The Impact of Gender on Writing College Application Essays

    The Impact of Gender on Writing College Application Essays

    Throughout the ages, gender has played a dominant role in the human life. It is a social construct that society has enhanced by assigning the roles, actions, expectations, and behaviors to men and women and labeling them as "male" or "female." Speaking about the gender difference, we mean not only the formed social roles but also the gender peculiarities of perceiving the information and communicative differences, etc. The gender identity is developed in early childhood and at the same time, children develop gender-role preferences. In this article, we are going to show you how gender ...

  • Human Activities Influence Natural Disasters

    Human Activities Influence Natural Disasters

    Three Ways Regarding how Human Activities Make an Impact on Natural Disasters The death of 61,000 of people has been caused this year by natural disasters. What is more, 60% of victims have been killed by tsunami that happened in the Indian Ocean. According to statistics, the number of reports about natural disasters is increasing because of advancements in communication technology as well as better media reports. Frankly speaking, two thirds of this rise is real. It should be noted that it is a consequence of an increase in such disasters as tsunamis floods, droughts, and typhoons. Some ... Testimonials


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