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  • Social Institutions and Their Importance

    Social Institutions and Their Importance

    Institutions are called social when they deal with the social issues and the ways the society functions. Actually, such establishments form the foundation of the society as without them it becomes hard or even close to impossible to achieve success in social interaction, politics, economics, and other spheres. If the society is devoid of specific rules and regulations, people are more prone to be involved in misconduct and criminal behavior. Therefore, social institutions serve a regulatory role in the society to ensure that people follow norms needed for proper functioning and ...

  • Should the Internet Be Censored?

    Should the Internet Be Censored?

    One of the most disputable questions of the modern times is the issue of censoring the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly, there have been attempts to take the necessary measures with regard to web information. The process of filtering the data on the Internet evokes heated debates all around the globe. Considering the fact that the World Wide Web has never been under censorship, this issue creates discussions and disputes. It is widely accepted that the Internet is the richest and the most unique database that has even been created. However, it might be the worst informational waste pipe at the ...

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