Punctuation Hacks to Make Your Writings Thrive

Punctuation Hacks to Make Your Writings Thrive

As the experience shows, students have a tendency to make the same obvious punctuation mistakes all the time. However, such negligence results in low rating even if a paper deserves a higher grade. Simple errors spoil the impression of the whole paper not giving a chance to evaluate worthwhile information delivered in it. No matter what type of writing you complete, polished punctuation is an easy and effective method to improve your papers and grades as well. Here is a list of the common mistakes and some ideas on how to eliminate these problems and never repeat them again.

Tips on How to Hone Your Writing Skills in Punctuation

The Peculiarities of Comma Usage

On a usual basis, comma is a tool to break up a long phrase into a couple of shorter sentences. Even though it seems to be very simple, there are rules when comma is inappropriate. Numerating some items, do not accompany the word “and” with comma. As far as the word functions as a linking for the parts of a sentence, you would very rarely need to apply comma in this case. This punctuation tool is still very controversial in the scientific world. That is why try to avoid it if there is such a possibility.

On the contrary, comma is irreplaceable before the pronoun “which” in relative clauses. Quite often people omit it, but it is an error. The pronoun creates a certain pause to present some additional information or even some thought related to the phrase. You could even feel that in natural speech, you usually need a pause to go on with the message you deliver. The other pronoun “that” may seem to be similar, however, it carries an opposite role to go ahead.

There is a risk that you mix it up with the determiner ‘which’ that doesn’t require any punctuation marks before or after it. To escape such confusion, read sentences thoroughly and make sure you understand a function the word performs. For example, “She has found a package in which she had put the most memorable photos.”

One more exception to be mentioned is “which” in a restrictive sentence. In such situation, the determiner is referred to a certain object. For instance, “The letter which has been read lay on the table.”

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Tips on How to Use Apostrophes and Quotation Marks

It is very easy to memorize the rule on the use of double quotation marks. It states that the inverted comma is applied to speeches and dialogues, but it is restricted to use it when giving a citation from a text. To demonstrate: “Hurry up,” shouted Sam, “the lecture starts soon.”

Use single quotation marks to discuss a controversial assumption that is veritable and genuine but commonly perceived as a fallacious one.

Indeed, punctuation matters a lot for a quality writing since it brings up important issues. So, do not put under the threat the piece of writing you compose as it could be decisive for the outcomes you will receive. When doubting, you should better reread and consult your professor about details connected with punctuation as well. Be especially careful using commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks.

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