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Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, is a piece of systematic literature. It is regarded as the groundwork of evolutionary biology. It introduces the scientific assumption that populations over the course of ages develop through a process known as natural selection. This book puts forward a body of proof that life’s diversity occurred by common descent via a branching plan of evolution.

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Darwin’s presumption of evolution is founded on fundamental facts and the conclusions drawn from them. According to Darwin, every species is productive enough that if all progeny outlives up to   reproduction, then the population would grow rapidly. He also states that regardless of periodic varibility’s, populations remain more or less the same size. A struggle for existence results due to limited resources for instance food (Darwin  & Peckham, 2006).

Darwin’s theory of Natural selection emphasizes that dissimilar animal species are not separately created and that species that were similar could be as a consequence of natural selection and diverse survivability rates. Individuals in population notably differ from one another and much of these variations are hereditary.

According to Darwin, animals that are more suited to their environments have higher chances of survival. Individuals less adapted to the environment are less likely to continue existing hence low reproduction channces with those best suited to the environment being more likely to continue existing hence increased reproduction chances. Such animals are likely to leave behind their hereditary characteristics to future generations. This leads to the process of natural selection whose outcome leads to populations shifting so as to acclimatize to their environments. Eventually, these variations build up with time to form new species.

Darwin shows his justifications for variation and selection by demonstrating the diversity between natural and domesticated worlds of flora and fauna (Darwin, 2003). He further argues that species variation is not merely due to crossings of the present varieties but is due to natural selection.

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