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Macbeth the Most Famous Tragic Heroes

Macbeth is considered to be one of the most famous tragic heroes. Shakespeare describes a man who is influenced by the circumstances that surround his life. The ambitious desire of Macbeth, manipulations of his wife and three witches lead to his downfall.

The life of a tragic hero is full of battles. Macbeth’s desire of greatness pushes him to fight.  The fatal flaw of Macbeth is used by other people for manipulation his fate. At the beginning of the tragedy, the reader meets a noble person. However, during the tragedy one can notice the change in Macbeth’s character. He becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming a king. The destructive influences of power, and especially the struggle for it, turn a valiant Macbeth into the detested villain. 

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Suspenseful atmosphere of the tragedy is created by the use of supernatural forces. All those forces have a big impact on Macbeth’s fate. Three witches make prophesy that awakes the desire to rule. From this time, his life changes for good.  Macbeth becomes the toy in the hands of supernatural forces. The visions of witches and ghosts make him believe in the possibility of ruling the kingdom. If the prophecy did not exist, Macbeth would not try to carry it out. The main hero is convinced that supernatural forces are on his side. This fact gives him confidence in all the deeds.   

Supernatural theories are often used to illuminate the development of drama character. However, Macbeth gets under the influence of not only witches’ prophecy but of his own flaw, as well. In the name of the implementation and life purpose, the main hero is forced to break the law. He can forget about the morality and humanity. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is not just a bloody usurper, who deserves reward, but he is the tragic character. He is torn by contradiction that is the essence of his character, his human nature.

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