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These Deep Blue Eyes

These eyes. These deep blue eyes. They can be compared with the deep waters which you have never seen before. Their beauty lures you to come close, to enjoy them, to dive in deeply in order to reach the bottom and find out the answer for the question, ‘What is there? At the bottom?’ I have been looking into these deep blue eyes for almost a half of my life. I wake up every morning, look at my dear Sophie and wait patiently when she opens her deep blue eyes. I like this feeling of drowning in them whenever my wife watches me. When I saw these eyes for the first time, I simply drowned in them. I have to admit, it was the unforgettable feeling. I managed to get to the bottom and disclose the mystery hidden deep in them. I could not imagine that these deep blue eyes would be the only hope and love of my life. To be honest, my real life started when I was twenty-eight years old. It was my turning point, my second chance given to me by the destiny and my dear Sophie.

I was born in Petersville, Alaska. This town is situated at the territory of Danali National Park. Oh, how beautiful it is in summer! Every season, there are many tourists who are coming from the different parts of our country and the whole world to enjoy the divine nature. To tell you the truth, all these things, our park with all its magnitude and beauty, our splendid town, our open-hearted people, will get into your heart and stay there forever, as they have done in mine.

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My family has been living in Petersville for more than ninety years. My father was a fisher, and my mother got a small shop where she got used to sell different hand-made little things. I helped my father with fishing since my childhood. It was my father who taught me to work hard in order to get something in this life. Every day, with the first rays of the sun, we went fishing. You know, this kind of work is rather exhausting and difficult, and every minute can turn out to be either failure or luck. As a rule, we spent the whole day in the creek, and on our way home, I used to stand on board of the boat and to stare at the sunset or deep waters beneath. Looking into these deep waters, I became calm and peaceful. I always was eager to know, ‘What is there, at the bottom?’At that very moment, I led a steady life, and as every young man, I wanted to try something new. After graduating my school, I made up my mind to change something in my life. I knew that my parents, to be more concrete, my father, wanted me to go on our family business. But, one evening, during our family supper, I started the conversation.

‘Father, I have been thinking for a long time. I want to change something in my life. I have decided to move to a big city? Would you mind my doing this?’ There was a long pause. I saw the expression of my mother’s face. She knew that it would happen someday, but my father went on eating. I had never seen his face to look like a grey cloudy sky. It seemed that he was somewhere away at that moment and failed to hear me. ‘So, if it is your decision. May it be so! Mother and I would not stay on your way. I always think that it is a good idea to try something new. We all do need some changes to perceive what was, is or will be important for us in our life. When are you going to leave? Tomorrow? Great! Thank you!’ My father left the room and went upstairs.

My mother went on looking at me and said, ‘I know that this day shall come. But, it is difficult for father to accept it. Do not take it too close to your heart, I mean tomorrow’s day. He has said it not thinking over. Everything will be nice. Go to bed!’ I went not telling a word, except, ‘Good night!’ I failed to sleep that night. On the one hand, I was very glad that I could do what I was really aiming for. And, on the other hand, I felt sorry for making my parents upset. Now, after many years have passed, I understand myfather. He did not want his only son to leave him. But my father did foresee that new changes and new experiences would influence me, either in a good or bad way.

I was ambitious young man who left his town and came to the big city to get everything at once. Hope, you know that feeling when you realize that the whole world is open for you only. Washington was chosen to become my lucky ticket. At first, I must admit, it was rather difficult to cope with all problems, but my persistence was enormous. I worked and studied at the college, and with time, I got a decent job at Marriott Hotels & Resorts. One of my friends helped me to find a small flat which was situated not far from the park, as I always wanted to have. The park was huge and magnificent for such big city as Washington. It had a peculiar feature of its own which I liked most of all. It was full of many tiny places where you could go and hide from the busy and irritating world. I got used to come to one place on Fridays, not paying attention to the weather, the season or my spirits. I should tell you, it was gorgeous in summer. Each time a narrow path led me to my secret place where I could forget about everything. I did enjoy observing the nature around me.

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Everything had gone pretty well in my life by the day when I met Lidia. She appeared in our office very unexpectedly. She was invited to organize a new advertisement campaign. She was like a tornado that usually comes out of the blue and sweeps all on its way. All men in our office became insane about this woman. Lidia seemed to follow the latest fashion in everything. She used to spend free time and money in the luxurious restaurants, shops, and discos. In the corridor, you could hear her telling about weekends spent in California or other fashionable resorts. I sometimes wondered what she was hiding behind her frantic lifestyle and her beauty. I did not pay attention to her and used to stay apart. Once, she came into my office for a chat, and after saying a few words, she kissed me. This kiss influenced me magically. I became completely possessed and absorbed by this bizarre woman. In a month, I made up my mind to ask her to marry me. I did tell nothing to my parents, I simply forgot about them, about my friends, about my favorite place, about everything…I had bought a ring and was flying home to ask Lidia to marry me. I thought that I would be the happiest man in the world and it would be a beginning of a new life. Oh, how I was mistaken. I came home and found Lidia packing her things.

‘What are you doing? Are we going somewhere?’ I asked. ‘Not we, but I.’ ‘When are you going to come back?’ When should I meet you?’ I went on putting questions. ’I am leaving and have no intention to come back? I have got a new job offered in San Francisco. You see a new proposal, new opportunities, all new…’ ‘And what about me? What am I supposed to do here without you? I love you, Lidia… I do love you…I think you love me too. We seemed to be happy together. And… And I want you to become my wife. I want to spend the whole…’She did not give me a chance to end my sentence. ‘We… Listen, there are no WE. Have I ever told you that I love you? Have I promised something to you? It seems to me not. It is you who have done so. It is you who is dreaming about a sand castle…’ And it dawned upon me that she was right. Her words made me come back to reality. The magic of her kissed floated away. ‘Then, why have you spent time with me? Why?’ She looked at me in rather strange way and replied, ‘Well, You were the only person in the office, who had not paid much attention to me at first. To tell you the truth, I was intrigued. I could not understand why my beauty and charm did not influence you. You were different, not like the others.’ I kept silence. It seemed to me at that moment that I was broken and that mmy heart was going to be cut into thousands of pieces. Lidia went on, ‘I usually get what I want. And, you know, I am like a naughty child. When there is something what I really want, I do get it by all means. When I get it, I begin to lose the interest to it. And a new thing appears on my way which I must gain. You should understand I am not that person who makes you happy. Sorry, that is not me…’ I looked at her, listened to her words, and realized that my first true relations turned out to be a failure. What should I do? How should I live after this? I did not have any idea. Lidia was standing ready with her suitcases, ‘Do not worry! Do not get upset! I know it is difficult to cope with all this mess done in your life…But believe me, I am the wrong one. I do understand that I have treated you badly, but I cannot do anything with me…I cannot be with the same person and at the same place for a long time. It is my true nature…Sorry, forgive me… I hope you will find your true love someday…..’ Lidia left, and I stood in the doorway and said nothing to her.

I got through the most difficult times in my life. It is true that time does really heal. The only thought that was nestling in head concerning Lidia disappeared with time. I forgot about that affair, about Lidia, about her existence. Everything seemed to be wonderful, but there were some things that I missed a lot, my parents, the sunset, and the depth of the waters with the mystery at the bottom. I again began to visit my lovely place in the park where I could forget about all my troubles. I thought this place to be mine and only mine, and nobody was expected there. One Friday, I escaped from the work and hurried to my secret spot. You cannot even imagine my anger when I saw an intruder, if I may say so. A minute creature was sitting on my favorite stone and watching the sunset. She heard my steps and rose up quickly. Her eyes, her deep blue eyes, they did really astound me. Looking into her eyes, I forgot about my anger, about this place, about real world… If not to take into account her eyes, there was nothing special about this miniature girl. She was not beautiful, just ordinary, like many others whom you can see every day in the streets. I was not able to tell a word for the first time in my life.

It was she who broke the silence – ‘How do you do? My name is Sophie.’ ‘Hi, my name is…My name is Kris.’ In such a way our conversation and relationships started. Every minute spent with Sophie, I opened something new for me. She was only twenty-two, but she knew a lot of things I had never heard of. Instead of listening to her, I liked watching her eyes, and it was difficult for me to comprehend reality. She was brought up in the orphanage, and the only thing she did want in this world was to have a family and to care about the dearest person in her life. Sophie loved me with all her heart. She was ready to do everything for me. But I? I did perceive too that she was the only person I had been looking for. I loved her, did love her too...

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It was a wonderful summer evening which was supposed to be crucial in my life. I was ready to ask Sophie to spend the rest of my life with me. I wanted Sophie to go to Petersville, to our parents, to our park, to our new future...At that moment, I comprehended pretty well that I found everything what I always wanted. And, suddenly, she said to me, ‘Sorry for my having come earlier!’ A miracle. I looked into her deep blue eyes again. I saw the depth of those waters I had used to look into. At that moment, I managed to reach the bottom of these charming deep blue eyes. I managed to find a mystery which was hidden there – it was LOVE.

Each day of my life, I thank the destiny, my parents, the nature, that small spot in the park, and even Lidia, for these deep blue eyes. These deep blue eyes of my Sophie.

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