Free «E-business and Organizational Culture» Essay Sample

E-business and Organizational Culture

The aim of any business is to make profit and satisfy the needs of its customers and other stakeholders. It has been a concern of many businesses to invest in technology in order to enable making profit and keeping up with the pace of the competitors. The business investing in technology production becomes easy, the level of efficiency improves and good public image is attained. One of the technology measures that a business can take is to do business online, which is popularly known as e-business.

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E-business involves selling and buying goods and services with the help of information communication technology like the Internet. The business can market its products or services in the Internet and this will increase the number of its customer base since many Internet users will get the information. The business can also do the transactions they undertake daily by the Internet, where a customer can be in a different country and goods are to be sent there. He or she sends the money through, for instance, wire ransfer and thus the deal is made.

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As it was mentioned above, business investment in technology will create a good public image. This will make employees and stakeholders of the business develop a sense of belonging. They will feel themselves a part of the business and this will be seen even in their productivity. This will further motivate them and they will be of bigger use to the organization. The management will also feel proud of the business and they will be more productive too. This will result in business achieving its goals and objectives even in a faster speed. This is because the management will lay more emphasis on the achievement of its goals. The customers will have more trust for the goods or services provided by the business. This is because they have trust in technology and the efficiency of the goods manufacturing.

With an increase of productivity necessary profits, the business may even increase the remuneration of its employees. This will create good relationship between the organizzation and the employees since they will feel motivated. This will be an added advantage to the business. The management team will have a good relationship with the employees and also the organization. This will also be an added advantage to the employees. Conflicts will be resolved easily and management of the organization will be simple. The production will increase as a result of that and the business will grow and thus achieve its goals and objectives. The customers will also have a good relationship with the organization since their needs will be met by the organization and because of efficiency in goods provided by the organization.

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In conclusion, it’s the duty of any business to ensure that they are up-to-date in terms of technology for them to be at a competitive advantage with their opponents and for them to achieve their goals and objectives. The business should pay much attention to the internet in marketing and selling of their products for them to reach more customers and thus increase sales and get more profits.

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