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Organizational Behaviors

1. In the employee selection process, aligning the goals and aspiration of a new employee with the goals of the organization is very important to ensure that the right employee is taken for the right job. This will ensure that the work offered will be done right with a lot of motivation, as the employee will feel welcomed in the organization. The absorption of this employee will take short thus lowering the resources used, which will in turn benefit the organization as well as the employee. This boosts the morale of the employee increasing their productivity.

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2. Based on the organizational culture and process would A or B personality traits have any impact on motivational tactics

The A or B personality traits have a great impact on the motivational tactics according to the organizational culture. This is because; motivational tactics will always require that delicate balance between the incentives communication and the structure of the organization to be held with a lot of care. Thereason being, the personality of both A and B are different and there should be a balance to motivate them to ensure that things happen. While a personality like to be independent, B personality is much outgoing and loves to party with friends. Therefore, this has to affect the motivation tactics that the organization uses depending with its culture and process.

3. How could decentralization have a motivation affect

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Depending with the organization culture and process, decentralization will affect the motivation of the employees. The decentralization of power and resources increase independency of the employees and thus create innovation and creativity as the employees will feel motivated as they manage them resources. On the other hand, decentralization may make coordination of the organization complex thus leading to a lot of bureaucratic process that may de-motivate the employees.

4. Your thoughts on value theory and two theory on motivation

Expectancy value theory and two theory on motivatioon are very important in motivation. The reason being, value theory will ensure that employees nature of attitude that affects their behaviors intent and goals are put into place to ensure that the motivation tactics used are all right. Two theory also is very important as it shows the two component to employee in the work place. The two components that the theory suggest is about circumstances that make people unsatisfied and motivation factors are important to be considered in motivation tactics.

5. What could be the impacts on the motivation of the leadership who are well trained and leadership who are not, specifically in areas of stereotyping and prejudicial activity

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Well-trained leadership is motivated than those who are not trained. Trained leadership is more motivated as they cannot be influenced. The junior employees will always have stereotype and thus prejudice against their leaders who are not well trained. This will always have a negative impact on the motivation of the untrained leaders.

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