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Organizational Politics

Organizational politics is a bound to happen and an intrinsic reality. Politics in an organization is so intricately woven with the system of the management that performance, norms, outcomes relationships and processes, are hugely affected and influenced by it.

The organizational politics can be defined as self a manipulative and influenced behavior of various groups and individuals to promote the interests that they hold at the expense of other people and organizational goals as well. Politics in the organization manifests itself when different professionals struggle for personal conflicts, resources, leadership and competition for power as well as the tactical influence that is executed by groups ad individuals to gain power, controlling information access, building personal stature, not exposing the real intents and building coalitions.

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How the politics in various organizations is related to leadership can be understood in a better way from the fact that the leadership in organization occurs in the groups of contexts, where the followers are persuaded by the leader in order to ensure their voluntary and committed involvement to the predetermined outcomes.

The political climate of any company or organization is enforced by a leader by the use of authority and treatment under various settings that are visible during the decision making acts, setting interaction aand agenda with others well set and ready to mobilize support, inspire individuals and groups and recognize people.

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Indisputably, leaders normally holds the source of power and influence thus politics in an organization. Since the organizations have needs and the leaders in positions have the authority for their fulfillment, the people who fulfill these needs hold prospective power. Leaders can to a particular extent smother the prevailing political climate that may be having negative effect on the attitudes of the people and organization outcomes through alignment of a person’s needs with the goals in an organizations, in such a way that collective goals fulfillment results in an automatic individual fulfillment needs.

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