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Techniques for Improving Service Productivity

The main element in the service sector is labor since the sector is more of personnel intensive and productivity in the service sector is the ratio of input and output.

There are various techniques that can be used to improve service productivity they include;


This is through structuring the service offered so that customers can go where the service is being offered.

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Self service

This strategy will enable customers to examine, evaluate and compare the product in their own time and at their pace. The customers will receive higher service levels and they will be satisfied.


This is done through customizing products at delivery


Restricting offerings


Modular production and selection of service is done here.


In this technique, the services that lend themselves to automation are separated.


The personnel are scheduled precisely.


This technique involves clarifying the service options to the individuals and explaining any problems that may have risen. Employee flexibility is also improved in this technique.

Examples of techniques

Self service: gas station

Here an individual ggoes to the gas station and pumps their own gas instead of having an attendant do the work. The personnel will have more time to attend to other pressing matters when the customer serves himself.

Focus; the textile machinery

Here all information gaps regarding manufacturers of machinery and their respective buyers are sealed. Details of innovations are brought forward with their description.

Training; customer service training

Customer service training is a good way to improve the personnel’s knowledge and skills to improve customer satisfaction. Through this training, the personnel will learn how to interact and relate to customer hence customer loyalty and will reduce the time they will take to serve customers. Training is the most beneficial technique to improve service productivity as well as profits in the company in general.

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