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Villaggio Mall

The fire causes of Villaggio Mall are observed in the study. It was found that the tragedy occurred because of management shortcomings. Thus, the emphasis was put on improving organizational behavior practice and all the issues of company performance.

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The combination of organizational culture, behavior, diversity, and communication processes contributes directly to the performance of the employees and the productivity of the organization. Being a significant aspect of management, organizational behavior must be monitored carefully by the management team. It affects the productivity of the employees, and, thus, the performance of the whole organization. Such tool as reframing must be skillfully applied for exploring the views of others and organization’s operating. That is how actions and plans can be guided for achieving beneficial outcomes.

Situational approach and problematic analysis should be given priority in leadership approach. Leaders and managers should dedicate time and resources to ensuring that they have come up with the best principles and procedures in the work place. Thus, effective leadership is crucial, because it promotes successful performance of the organization. Communication concept is the key concept that helps leaders to lead effectively, because poor communication will hinder effective performance of the organization. Communication concept contributes to better organizational performance and organizational development.

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Organizational culture also has a significant bearing on this study, as in modern society it plays a leading role in modeling the growth of an organization. Another aspect of the organizational behavior management is the organizational efficiency. The effecttiveness is the measure of the extent to which the actions of the organization are synchronized.

Managerial communication is another aspect that defines the success of the organization in achieving its goals. Communication stands as an integral part of achievement of the goals and aims of the organization, and cannot be undervalued. It is a function which supports managers to interact with each other and with their employees within the organization. Effective communication prevents conflicts, reduces stress situations, and provides skilled team work, job design, and quality of labor. The team work creates the opportunity for employees’ participation and commitment.

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The company should focus on maintaining control and training operation staff. A visionary approach to leadership and organizational behavior is the best way to ensure fire safety.

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