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Apple Incorporation is a well-known flourishing company, whose main feature is quality! Unfortunately, in every company there are negative points which should be fixed as soon as possible.

“They have a ridiculous amount of cash,” said Douglas J. Skinner, a professor of accounting at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business. “There’s no feasible acquisition that Apple could do that would need that much cash.”

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Apple executives said the move was also intended to attract a new class of investors. Many investment funds have rules that prevent them from owning a stock unless it pays a dividend.

Apple said that it would pay a quarterly dividend of $2.65 a share beginning in its fiscal fourth quarter, whih starts July 1, and that its board had authorized a $10 billion share buyback starting Sept. 30. In all, Apple expects to spend about $45 billion over three years on the plan, all of the money from cash generated by its United States sales.

Technically, the bullish consensus has emerged without meeting any obstacles and the upward trend could be unfailing built. The only snag, several gaps scattered throughout the stock price. The share have been stopped on the USD 640 area,the first real obstacle since last December. This is the beginning of an important consolidation phase to avoid the “bubble”.

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Apple undershot analysts targets in its fiscal third quarter, the second straight disappointment. Its latest Maps software was met with widespread frustration and ridicule over glaring mistakes.

Now there's some uncertainty in the management.

"There appears to be some infighting, post-Steve Jobs, and looks like Cook is putting his foot down and unifying the troops."

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Forstall often clashed with other executives, said a person familiar with him, adding he sometimes tended to over-promise and under-deliver on features. 

Gruber is not one of those who talks about Apple TV as Steve Jobs' one dud. He likes Apple TV, but says it has a fundamental problem: it's primarily about watching movies and TV shows through the iTunes store, with the result that there's a worse selection on Apple TV than there is at any local video store. Hulu is a wonderful solution but when Boxee figured out a way to put it on TV, the Hulu guys freaked out.

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