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The New Testament

The Kingdom of God/Lordship of Christ

In the Gospels, Jesus Christ’s journeys were primarily about him traveling from one place to another, making miracles to help the poor and the sick, and in doing so making unbelievers believe in the power of God the Father. Furthermore, Jesus Christ sought to make unbelievers believe in the power of God, as one of his missions and purpose on earth. In the Gospels, Jesus Christ’s mission is referred to as instituting the Kingdom of God on earth. “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit and news about him spread through the whole countryside. He taught in their synagogues, and everyone praised him” (Luke 4:14-15, NIV). As the Son of God, Jesus Christ’s mission was also to save sinners through his sacrifices, but aside from giving his life for the good of man, he also aimed to save people by preaching and making miracles to let them see the power and goodness of God. In doing so, Jesus Christ slowly built the Kingdom of God on earth through the spread of His word and the conversion of sinners to believers. “Jesus went through Galilee teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among people” (Matthew 4:23, NIV).

The Suffering of Christ and His People

The suffering of Jesus Christ was well detailed in the Gospels as the four books followed Jesus Christ, since he was born to the virgin Mary and Joseph until his crucifixion and death. Before Jesus Christ’s death, he suffered seeing many nonbelievers shun God and neglect his word. Jesus Christ and his people also suffered because nonbelievers shunned and persecuted them. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ made his people feel loved and accepted by comforting them with the Word of God. “Remember the words I spoke to you, ‘No servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching; they will obey yours also” (John 15:20, NIV).

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The Required Human Response

As Christians, it is our duty to remain steadfast in the Lord, even if nonbelievers continue to mock or persecute us. Moreover, it is our duty to continue Jesus Christ’s works by preaching and telling other people about the good news and the Word of God. It is our work to believe in Jesus Christ and God the Father and to continue building the Kingdom of God in our hearts and on earth.

New Testament Fulfillment of the Old Testament

The Old Testament was fulfilled in the New Testament with the birth of Jesus Christ Various prophecies about the coming of the Messiah were narrated in the Old Testament. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6, NIV). The prophecy was fulfilled when the virgin Mary conceived and gave birth to Jesus Christ, the Messiah or the Lord and Savior.

The Acts of the Apostles

The Kingdom of God/Lordship of Christ

In the Acts of the Apostles, Paul continues Jesus Christ’s mission by traveling from one place to another to speak and preach the Word of God. “For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 28:30-31, NIV). The Acts of the Apostles also illustrates the commitment and perseverance of the Apostles in continuing Jesus Christ’s ministry even after his death. As a result of the Apostles’ efforts, their works and missions marked the beginnings of the Christian church with the Christians or believers’ growth in numbers. “Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day” (Acts 2:40, NIV).

The Suffering of Christ and His People

The Acts of Apostles narrates how the Apostles were persecuted in their mission to spread the word and get believers baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. In Jerusalem, those who defied God and the Christian Church stoned the Apostle Stephen to death. After Stephen died, Saul went from one home to another capturing Christians and followers of the Christian church and sent them to prison. “On that day a great persecution broke out against the church at Jerusalem... Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house, he dragged off men and women and put them in prison” (Acts 8:1-3, NIV).

The Required Human Response

The Acts of Apostles illustrates the duties of Christians even today. As a Christian, one should follow the acts or examples of the Apostles by spreading the word of God with the aim of helping people see the truth in God’s words. Perhaps, it could also be related to the importance of going on missions or joining evangelical activities to spread the word of God.

New Testament Fulfillment of the Old Testament

In the Old Testament, Isaiah prophesied the institution of the Church of Christ. “In the last days thhe mountain of the Lord’s temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills and all nations shall stream to it” (Isaiah 2:2, NIV). The prophesy was fulfilled with the beginnings of the Church through the efforts of the Apostles.

The Pauline Epistles

The Kingdom of God/Lordship of Christ

In the Pauline Epistles, the Apostle Paul continued to preach the gospel with the aim of instituting the Kingdom of God among man. In Paul’s missions, the Apostle aimed to teach that the power of God is greater than man and among all His creations, God is the Supreme Being who rules us all. The Kingdom of God is both the earth where we live and where we can praise Him, but also inside our hearts or through our body as God’s temple, and God rules our land, our hearts, and minds. In his missions, Paul aimed to focus on these ideas. “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:15-17, NIV).

The Suffering of Christ and his People

Persecutions followed Paul and those who read his letters. Nevertheless, Paul remained steadfast in the Lord and he expressed his thanks for his followers for doing the same. Paul also sought to comfort his Christian readers by maintaining that believers will be rewarded in heaven. “Therefore, among God’s churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring” (2 Thessalonians1:4, NIV).

The Required Human Response

The Pauline Epistles illustrates the importance for Christians to make an effort to praise and worship God. According to Paul, as Christians, it is our responsibility to work on our faith so it may grow each day and so we can be counted as worthy to the Kingdom of God.

New Testament Fulfillment of the Old Testament

The prophesies about the coming of the Messiah in the Old Testament were fulfilled in the New Testament, with the testament of the Apostle Paul of God’s supremacy and dominion over earth and man. “The Lord reigns, let the nations tremble; he sits enthroned between the cherubim, let the earth shake” (Psalm 99:1). Similarly, the Apostle Paul consistently spoke about the power and authority of God and Jesus Christ as the Son of Man who delivered people from sin and thus, maintains power and influence over man.

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