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New Technology vs. Old Technology

Technology is the creation, usage and skill of equipments, methods, ability, scheme or methods of group in order to explain a problem or serve some goal. Technologies extensively influence human as well as other inborn genus’ capability to manage and adjust to their natural background. The human group use of skills began with the alteration of natural reserves into simple equipments. The prehistorically innovation of the capability to manage fire rises the existing supply of food and creation of the wheel helped humans in migrating in and governing their surroundings. Modern technological growths, including the production press, the telephone and the internet, have decreased physical obstacle to communication and allowed humans to network freely on a global scale. Technology is said to influence the society and its surroundings in various ways. In many communities, skills have helped to develop more complex economies and have allowed the growth of a leisure class. Many technologies development produced unwanted by-products, known as pollution, and exhaust natural resources, to the damage of the earth and its surroundings.

The New technology involves things that are made in this new world while old technology involves things that were made in the decade’s age. To compare and to contrast between the two, we are going to look at the following examples. These are examples of the technology that was used in early years and that have been modernized in today’s world. The new technology of DVD compared to the videos. The new technology of the DVD has a good quality in the picture compared to that of the videos that were used in the old technology. In the old technology, a video in digital format, would run for exactly one hour would and use a space of about 21 GB. moreover, a DVD of the same duration would be less than 4.7 GB and pictures in it were compressed thus ruining the value of the picture. It’s reality that a 2 hour high quality video would really look better than a 2 hour DVD movie. Videos are said to be more durable than the DVDs.

This is because one has to be more carefully while handling the DVDs because they could be easily scratched and will not play, however a video tape was well put in the case which provided a certain amount of protection. It was the video player that could tamper with a video tape. When it comes to playing the DVDs are more durable compared to videos. The DD can play well and clearer and when recording the sound in CDS using the new formats technology. This shows that, the old format went more or less outdated and material on it became outdated because they are used no more. As the technology developed, we see that, the tapes replaced phonograph records. Then tapes gave way to CDs, and then to DVDs. The new technology of computer enables us to listen to a material, that was recorded decades ago and, the data it contains is still valuable and up to date.

The digital TVs are being replaced by the plasma TVs. The plasma TV does not need any connection of wires so that it can be clear while watching. It is clear compared to the digital ones. The old TV may be gone as the new computer programming options has improved. There is new technology of the mobile phones compared to the old use of landlines. In today’s life, everyone can afford a mobile phone and, one can walk with it anywhere. This makes the new technology of using the mobile phones to have an advantage since one cannot walk with the “landline” phone. The new technology of using the mobile phone is faster in terms of communication, more reliable as compared to that of the landlines. The mobile phone helps one to get the latest information in one fingertip. One is able to access his e-mail using the phone, know the time and the date that was not there in the landlines.

The mobile phone has the following disadvantages as compared to the landlines. The mobile phone may alert u about a poor signal. This may because of being in a place, where there is no network. They may also alert you about the low charge when you want to make a call.

There is also the technology of using e-mail and the old technology the people used to use snail mail. The technology of using the e-mail is much faster, cheap and reliable as compared to that of the snail. One can send his information while still in the house if he is connected to a network, thus it saves a lot of time and money since one will not have to travel. The message may be replied within a seconds and the information sent is more confidential compared to that of the snail. It is fast and convenient than the sending mails. The e-mail has also some advantages as compared to that of the mails since one can send programs, images, games and other items via this media.

However, the use of the e-mail does nott restrict ones imagination thus one can write all what he want. Most “e-mails” tend to be comparatively brief, and, therefore, short and to the main point. The use of the “e-mails” also has some disadvantages as compared to the mails. In order, for one to use the e-mail, one must have account, one should also have a phone or a computer that are expensive to get. However, one should be in a place where it is accessible to the power. The use of the e-mail has a lot of advantages as compared to that of mails since one can purchase goods online and pay for them through it. There is also the technology of paper maps and the new technology of using GPS. The GPs is the new technology that is used to direct someone to the direction one is going.

People used the paper map that was too tiresome since one has to study it carefully. A paper map will be by no means modernize .One has to buy a new map every time they are published. The paper map is easily destroyed and, it gets lost easily. The new technology of using GPS enables one to walk carrying it, and it is much easier than a paper map or a book. The GPS can be turned off when, not in use in order to save energy. The GPS is faster and can locate ones destination accurately.

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The growth of new technology provides us with the use of the ATM cards, check cards and credit cards. These cards save a lot of time and energy for the people and, are simple to carry around. People today pay bills and everything else on line or over the phone. The stores like the new technology that economizes down on deficit and lines. The customer also loves the new suitability and speed. The use of written check was very slow since one could have to wait for the check to be processed in order to get the money. The cards also minimize the risk of losing money.

Old technology is trusted by many people while, new technology is not. Old technology equipments can last for a longer period compared to some equipments of new technology. Old technology equipments are still used today even though the new ones are starting to replace them because of their reliability and stability. Repairing of old technology items is simple since they are large in size. The new technology items are smaller in size and the parts of repairing them are not readily available and, it is complex. It is reality that, the new technology developed to help people in terms of speed and usability.

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