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Bacteria Identification Techniques essay

Streak Plate Technique Materials required Petri dish Cotton swab (inoculation loop) Inoculums (broth) Agar Procedure Spread the sample across one quadrant of petri dish containing a growth medium of agar plate sterilized with ...

Biodiversity essay

Biodiversity refers to the existing life forms that include plants and animals inhabiting a given planet or ecosystem. It supports resources of living organisms through pollination, erosion prevention, water purity, the quality of air being breathed ...

Biological Weapons: Smallpox as a Weapon essay

Smallpox or Variola Major virus is a disease that has been documented as highly communicable and lethal.  It has been attributed to several incidences of human fatality of genocide proportions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ...

Biology essay

Question 1 Photosynthesis can be defined as the metabolic process whereby plants convert inorganic material into organic material using sunlight, atmospheric carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen and glucose are produced as a byproduct of ...

Effects of Academic Stress on Secretory IGA essay

Introduction Stress can affect daily life in many different ways. It can also affect the immune system. Animal studies have reported a link between stress and infections (Mestecky 2005). A study conducted on medical students showed that specific ...

Genes Identified for Common Childhood Obesity essay

Led by Jonathan P. Bradfield, Hakon Hakonarson and Robert I. Berkowitz, the Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium conducted the largest ever genome-wide study of common childhood obesity, which was initiated in 1989 when 2900 pregnant women were ...

Leaf Lab Project essay

SCI3010 Laboratory Exercise Carbon Footprint Objective: Calculate the Carbon footprint of the City Farm located south Province Step 1: Gently place a leaf on a graph paper and outline leaf. Calculate the area. Record the data. Leaf of sample 1: Leaf ...

Learning from Nature: Biomimetic Principles in Constraction essay

Introduction Proteins hold a great promise for the creation of architectures at the molecular or nanoscale levels; while the ultimate aim is to use proteins for controlled binding and assembly onto inorganics. The genetically engineered proteins for ...

Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection essay

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, is a piece of systematic literature. It is regarded as the groundwork of evolutionary biology. It introduces the scientific assumption that populations over the course of ages develop through a ...

Photosynthesis in Plants essay

Plants require light to form carbohydrates for their survival. It is possible through a process of photosynthesis where the green pigment called chlorophyll that is located in the chloroplast of leaves is very essential. ‘Light is required ...

Reproductive Process, Gender and Sexuality essay

In the real life situation human reproductive process is spiritually the offspring of two distinct sexes that is a male and a female. Subsequently, the human gender and sexuality as in a video show the vampire slayer written by Joss Whedon and ...

The Reproductive System essay

The function of the female reproductive system is to produce female gametes. They are also referred to as oocytes (Ganong, 2003). The female reproductive system holds oocytes to enable forming an embryo during fertilization. In addition, it produces ...

Who Owns Our Cells and Tissues essay

Biological sciences develop rapidly nowadays, and there is no wonder that any result in scientific researches is of great importance to the humanity. There are such complex illnesses like cancer and AIDS that need solutions in the ways of fighting ...

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