FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Page fails to update when I try to submit the order form.

    Check that you have not attached any large files. Our site imposes restrictions on the file size and it will prevent the order form from being submitted if this is the case. An alternative option is to email the required files to our support team or upload them via our live chat system.

  • I chose the incorrect academic level, assignment type, page count and urgency level. Can my order be edited?

    The details on the order form cannot be edited by the sender once the form is submitted. We can, however, edit your order on your behalf. We will recalculate the price in accordance with the revised requirements and you may need to pay extra for any changes.

  • Can I add additional pages to my order?

    It is possible to add pages to an order by submitting a supplementary order. The option to select a supplementary order can be found in your account area under the section titled "My Orders."

    Alternatively, just contact our support team via Live Chat and they will help you.

  • How will I know that a writer has been assigned?

    When an order is assigned, the writer’s ID should be displayed on the order information page (in the Writer line).

  • Will it be possible to receive a draft paper?

    We can certainly do this if you choose the "one-page draft" option when competing the order form. We will make the draft available once half (50%) of your requested deadline is reached.

    You should note that an additional charge applies to this option.

  • If I want a revision, how can I get one?

    Free revisions are available for a specified period (depending on the order, this can range from 2 to 30 days).

    If you want to request a revision directly from your writer, select “Completed Orders” in the "My Orders" page, select the appropriate order and then the "Request Revisions" option.

    Remember to provide the instructions for the revision(s) you require, the desired deadline, and then submit these requirements to your writer.

    You also have the option of contacting our customer support team for assistance.

  • What do I need to do to have my password/email/phone number changed?

    It is possible to change your personal information under the Profile tab.

    Login to your personal account and choose "Edit Profile" from the Profile menu. Then click "Save Changes."

  • How quickly do you assign my order to a writer?

    We always try to identify a suitable writer as quickly as possible. This can take anything from minutes to a couple of hours.

    Sometimes, this part can take a bit longer than normal with much dependent on the availability of writers, the urgency of the order and/or its complexity, and so on.

  • What happens if I want a revision after the period for free revisions has expired. Is there anything I can do?

    You would be required to submit a new order, marking the assignment type as "Revision."

  • Can I speak to my writer and how?

    It is possible to communicate with your assigned writer through our efficient messaging service, which you will find in your account area.

    For urgent issues, feel free to contact us via our live chat system.

  • Where will I be able to find my completed paper?

    This can be downloaded via your personal profile page. Simply choose the “Files” option in the "Orders" section.

    Also, when an order is fully completed, we will notify you by email, which will have a link that takes you to your completed paper.

  • Do you provide help with tests?

    Yes, we do provide assistance to help you pass tests/exams. When completing the order, choose "Online Test" on the form. Provide as much details as possible about your test/exam and attach any related materials, files, lecture notes, books, etc. to enable your writer to prepare. Additionally, make sure you mention the test’s date, time, length and the time zone you live in. You just tell us about your requirements. Our writer will then prepare, log into the test site on the correct date and time, and pass your test for you.

  • Are you able to help with a coding/programming assignment?

    Unfortunately, no. The service we offer only includes writing. We cannot undertake assignments that involve coding, application development or programming.

  • Do you send notifications and how?

    Automatic emails are sent to customers if any changes or actions occur in their accounts. We may also update you by SMS, phone calls, or messages in our system.

  • Is there any way I can see if my order has been assigned?

    Details like this can be seen in your account.

    If a status box says "Payment Verification" this means your payment did not get through (in such cases, click the "Pay Now" option to make the necessary payment or you can send the applicable payment confirmation/receipt to our team).

    If a status box says, "Processing" this means an order has been assigned to a writer and that writer has commenced work

    If a status box says "Sent/Completed," this means your order has been completed and sent for you to check.

  • When can I expect to receive my completed order?

    Orders are delivered according to the deadline you indicate. You should note that countdown commences on the placement of an order and when it is verified. When you are selecting urgency, remember that we will send your paper at exactly the chosen deadline (e.g., where an order deadline is two days, we will send it in exactly 48 hours past the time of verification).

  • Why am I having issues placing my order?

    If our site prevents you placing an order and you have filled in all the fields our system requires, check if there are files attached. If there are, try placing the order minus the attachments and then send these to us by email. Put your order’s ID in the email title. Our customer support staff will then add your attachments to the applicable order.

  • Where does my completed paper get uploaded?

    Completed papers are uploaded into your personal account area when the deadline passes. To review our work, locate the required file in the "Processing/Completed" list and click on "Files."

  • What can I do if I have problems paying for my order?

    Our company does not deal directly with payments. If you encounter any issues with payment, you should try using a different debit/credit card or select some other method of payment. You could also try paying for your order from a different device or browser. Or you can contact our customer support staff if you need further help.

  • Is it possible you might send an order earlier than it is due if your writer completes it before the deadline?

    Our company works strictly to each provided deadline. The level of urgency you select has a bearing on cost and, therefore, the salary paid to the writer or editor.

    Consequently, we are not able to ask our staff to provide orders before the deadline without compensating them for changes to the original deadline.

  • Does your company send papers by email upon completion?

    When papers are complete, that is as soon as the deadline is reached; we attach them to your order and upload them to your personal account area. Additionally, we will send you an email with a link for you to follow to download your order.

  • Will I be expected to pay extra for my preferred writer(s) if I opt for your supreme writing service?

    Our supreme writing service comes with a guarantee that we will urgently assign an expert from our top thirty writers, all of whom will have expertise in your field or subject matter. Furthermore, you can expect a comprehensive plagiarism report with your completed order. In the event there is a writer who has satisfactorily completed orders for you previously and that writer is your preferred choice, you have the option to ask for that writer when you next place an order and select our supreme service. Our writing team will make sure to assign your preferred writer to your assignment as a matter of urgency and you can expect a full plagiarism report.

  • I would prefer not to include my phone number. Why is this required?

    You are not obliged to provide your personal phone number(s) to us. Doing so, however, can make the entire process of writing your paper and communicating with you more effective in the event any clarification is needed urgently.

  • Is everything private? Is it possible my personal details might be revealed/shared?

    Rest assured. Our Privacy Policy is very strict. We undertake to keep all information private and entirely secure for the benefit of our customers and our writers. To prevent any issues with privacy we do not even reveal the name or gender of the customer to the assigned writer. Neither do we provide you with the personal details of your writer.

  • Can I only request one revision during the period allocated for free revisions?

    Not at all. The number of revisions you may request during the free revision period is unlimited.

  • Is there any way I can be certain my paper will not be plagiarized – how?

    We have undertaken to provide non-plagiarized products of the highest quality. Every order is scanned by our company’s own plagiarism detection system before we upload it to your account.

  • Who will complete my order?

    All of the writers we employ are excellent and they are academically qualified to different levels, have expertise in different disciplines and vast experience at writing.

    The team responsible for matching writers to orders will ensure your paper is assigned to the most suitable writer for your particular requirements.

  • Can I be sure my paper has been proofread and edited – and how can I be certain?

    Our company also offers a VIP service and this enables you to choose a few extra options with your order. One is the option to have your order proofread by an editor. You just need to select the VIP option and we will add that to the overall cost. When this service is paid for you may be sure, an editor will proofread and edit your completed paper.

  • How can I know if a writer has started work or not on my order?

    It is possible to manually check the status of an order via your personal account. Once your payment has successfully gone through, the status of the order shows as "new." Once we assign a writer, the status changes to "Processing." When the completed paper gets uploaded into our system, the status shows "sent."

    Another way to get immediate information about an order’s status is using the VIP writing service, which ensures you get a notification via SMS every time the status of your order changes.

  • I mistakenly selected the wrong level of urgency for an order. I would like it sooner. Is this possible and what do I need to do to change it?

    We can certainly accommodate this type of request. However, as per our company’s policy, we would require a little extra compensation for the renewed urgency (the higher cost is required to compensate the writer for working to an altered deadline). The amount of compensation will equate to the difference in time between your new deadline and the one you initially chose. For example, if your initial order specified an 11-day completion time but you now want this changed to a 4-day deadline, you will need to compensate us for a 7-day difference. We will check the cost on our website, create a compensation order, and send you a link to make the payment. Once your payment is successfully received, your order due date will reflect the revised deadline.

  • How do I request the writer who worked on my previous order (I loved her style and my assignment got a top grade. I would now like her to work on my remaining course assignments).

    You simply choose the ID of your preferred writer (which you will get on your earlier order), and put this on the order form. Now click the “Add” button. Next, we will assign only your requested writer to your assignment. Please note, that requesting a preferred writer will attract an additional 15% charge. The extra payment goes directly to the writer. It ensures your order gets a higher priority than others.

  • What responsibility does your company have?

    Immediately after an order is placed by a customer, we begin searching for the most suitable writer and we provide support on a 24/7 basis. Our representatives will keep you updated at every stage of the writing, editing, and plagiarism-checking process. Our company guarantees punctual delivery for each order.

  • Can you help with highly complex papers?

    Yes. We have writers for every type and level of writing from high school to PhD degree level. You can provide us with your instructions in advance and we can ascertain if there are suitable writers available for your order.

  • Why am I having difficulty paying for an order?

    In the event you see the error "authorization/payment failed," try using a different device, web browser, card, or payment company. Or you could try contacting your bank or the company processing your payment directly.

  • When I click on "Proceed," the order form continues loading or the field freezes or remains gray.

    It is very likely this is because your order has files attached and our system does not support the size or format of these files. Try submitting your order minus the attachments, and send these to us via email or live chat system and we will upload them to the relevant order page.

  • I have paid but I am still being asked to pay.

    Check if a receipt has been sent to your email and forward this to us. Also check in your trash and spam folders. If a receipt has not been received, please look at your bank or card statement to see if you have been charged. You can forward a screenshot of your bank or card statement to our support team to enable our Finance Department to track down the payment. However, in the event you cannot find either a receipt or a bank/card statement charge, it means the payment did not get through. In this case, please try a different device, web browser, card or payment company.

  • Is there any way I can find out if a particular assignment can be completed before I place an order?

    Certainly! Just forward your instructions to us by email or through our live chat system and our writing department will establish if that order can be completed.

  • Do I really have to let you have my proper email address and phone number?

    We very much recommend that customers let us have valid contact information. This enables us to contact you immediately in the event of an emergency e.g. if we urgently need additional information or instructions.

  • I have been told I will get a refund on my order. How much time does it usually take to process refunds?

    Refunds to a card or bank are usually processed in a timeframe of between three and five days but it can depend on how your bank operates.

  • How may I get in touch with my writer?

    You will find a messaging option in your account, which you may use to send a message to your assigned writer. Do not worry though if you cannot login to your account. You may email us with your message and our efficient support team will immediately pass your message, clarification, additional files, etc. to your writer.

  • Where will I be able to find my completed paper?

    The easiest way to access your final paper is via your Prime-Writitng.com account. Go to "My Orders," select "Completed Orders," click the relevant order ID, and you will find the final version in the "Files" section.

    If you cannot find your order, contact our customer support agents and they will happily help you.

  • When can I expect to receive the final version of my paper?

    Completed papers are provided at the agreed deadline. You can check the deadline by going to "My Orders," selecting "Processing", clicking the relevant order ID, then choosing "Delivery" and you will see the scheduled delivery time.

  • Can your writers buy any book that is needed?

    It is our company’s policy that each customer provides all required materials for their order if these are not readily available/accessible online.

  • Your site will not allow me to submit an order even though I have tried multiple times. What should I do?

    Try refreshing the webpage and check the order does not have large files attached. Delete these files and email them instead to us or upload them to our live chat system.

  • My professor/writer has requested I add one additional page. How do I make payment for this?

    Begin by logging into your personal account, select "Additional Order" beside your original order, and then submit. Our system will direct you to the normal payment area. Your two orders will get linked to each other. Or contact our customer support agents and they will process the new order on your behalf.

  • What assignment type should I select if I cannot find the one I need on your standard list?

    Send part of the assignment’s instructions by email to our customer support agents or contact us via live chat and we can recommend the assignment type that best fits your needs.

  • Are your papers guaranteed to be free of plagiarism?

    Yes. We assure you of originality. Every assignment is checked carefully by a team of experts. Everyone is given to a highly experienced writer and that person carries out whatever research is necessary and writes your paper from scratch.

    Thus, you may be sure any paper you buy from us will successfully pass any plagiarism detection test. Furthermore, you can use our own plagiarism checking system when your paper is delivered. Our company does not depend on Turnitin as this system saves assignments that have already been checked and so it is not possible to submit any one assignment twice.

  • How confidential is your writing service?

    The writing service we offer is 100% secure and confidential and we do not record any of your personal information. No other person will ever know you got writing assistance from us since it is against our policy to disclose details about you to any other party.

  • Can I be sure my completed paper will be delivered according to the deadline?

    We guarantee to deliver every paper on time. Simply select the deadline that is most appropriate for your particular assignment on the order form and our experts will meet that.

  • Are the prices on your website negotiable?

    The list of prices on our company’s website is fixed, but it is possible to contact us via our live chat system to discuss any special requests you have concerning the cost of a paper or project. We additionally offer our customer a range of generous discounts. There is a good chance you will be eligible for a discount whenever you are ready to order.

  • I have an online test that is an hour long. There is no corresponding option on your site for this. Can you help?

    We can help if we have a suitable expert available to take your online test. Simply get in touch with our support team to check if an expert is available before placing your order.

  • Is it possible to receive refunds as bonus credits? If so, how can these credits be used later?

    Please provide our support team (contact them by phone or live chat) or Finance Department with details your request. We allocate bonus credits instantly to your account when your request for a refund is evaluated and agreed. You will then have the choice of using your bonus credits to pay for an order. A prompt to this effect will appear as the order placing process nears the end.

  • When and how can I expect to get my completed order?

    The order placement process always prompts you to choose a deadline. Our diligent writers always adhere to whatever deadline you select and pay for. For instance, if the selected deadline is 24 hours, you can expect to get your completed paper in exactly 24 hours. Once finished, your paper gets uploaded to your personal account area. Moreover, we notify you of this by email. When you receive this notification, just login to your account and start downloading your paper.

  • What assignment type should I choose?

    For us to properly understand exactly what you need, it is best to get in touch with us by live chat or drop us an email message with the instructions for your assignment before you place your order. After analyzing your instructions, our team will give you the best possible advice. They will recommend the most appropriate assignment type for you to select.

  • Is there any way I can be sure of getting a high-quality document and does your company offer any guarantees regarding specific grades?

    While, for reasons that should be obvious, we cannot promise any specific grades, our company does guarantee you the finest quality writing. To give you confidence, please know that every writer we employ holds a Master’s or PhD degree in various subjects and fields. Consequently, we take pride in having over 20 years of success in our market and countless satisfied clients. It is also possible to check out the Samples section on our site to see if the quality of our work completely matches your needs/expectations.

  • If I want to get my paper earlier, is this possible?

    Our policy on delivery means we will send your completed paper according to the deadline you selected on the order form. If, however, a paper is required sooner, we require a compensatory order to reflect the difference in price. In the event you have this issue, contact our support team via live chat and they will calculate the amount of compensation and get your order placed.

  • Who will work on my assignment?

    Every writing task is worked on by a highly qualified expert in your subject or field. Many are teachers and professors with vast experience.

  • Is it possible to check if your company is able to complete my order before I place it?

    Of course. Just contact our support representatives via live chat or email with your instructions and, after checking the details, they will advise you.

  • Can you explain your policy on pricing?

    There are several factors that determine the cost of an order. For example, the number of words or pages in the assignment, the academic (school or college) level, the deadline, and other factors are considered in the overall price. Before submitting an order, you can check the cost by visiting the “Prices” page on our website or contact us via live chat. Our support representatives will work out the cost.

  • I have already done some work on my assignment, are you able to complete it?

    Our helpful writers will certainly assist in completing your paper. If you have any queries on this type of order, feel free to contact our support team via live chat and they will gladly help you.

  • What hours do you work?

    Our team is online and available 24/7 to provide assistance at any time.

  • Are you able to help with urgent assignments/orders?

    We have considerable experience of working on urgent orders. We suggest you consult with our support representatives before submitting an urgent order. This can save time and ensure your paper gets completed in the required time.

  • Does your company offer revisions if a paper needs corrections?

    If we have not completed a custom paper for you according to the instructions you indicated on the order form, you may ask us to make revisions for up to 48 hours after the paper is delivered. These revisions are free provided the original instructions have not changed. However, if you alter the instructions or add new ones, and you want our writer to add or fix some aspect(s), then extra payment will be required.

  • Is it possible to check my completed paper for instances of plagiarism?

    When a customer pays for the plagiarism check, which is the VIP service option, when placing their order, they will get an opportunity to get their writing projects tested for authenticity within a year at no extra cost.

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