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Progressive Delivery

This valuable function provided by our team permits to supervise lengthy and complex assignments (double-spaced and single-spaced papers including 20+ and 10+ pages respectively).

When availing of a progressive delivery service:

  • Clients have a possibility of monitoring the writing procedure since the papers are issued to them for approval in drafts* by the final date.
  • 30 days of a no-cost revision is granted (a common revision is 48 hours only)
  • Efficient writers and editors will work on customers’ projects.
  • The control over the orders will be maintained by the personal manager who will also ensure appropriate communication between the user and our expert.

Consider the terms of sending drafts*:

  • papers due in 4 or less days – we provide one draft within 50% of the defined deadline (e.g., if the time frame is 1 day, a draft will be given in 12 hours) in the amount of 25% of the paper (for instance, if the work is 24 pages, a draft will have 6 pages);
  • papers due in 5-11 days – we grant two drafts within 25% and 50% of the signified time frame in the amount of 25% and 50% of the work respectively;
  • papers due in 12 or more days – we deliver three drafts within 25%, 50% and 75% of the set time period in the volume of 25%, 50% and 75% of the writing project accordingly.

It is required to pay only extra 15% to the overall paper price.

* We can develop an alternative method fulfilling your requirements in case you do want to receive your piece of writing in the way different from the offered one. Under such conditions, the specifics are to be discussed with the order manager.

Managing Papers Consisting of Less than 20 Pages

  • 1 Page Long Summary of Your Writing Project

This is an extra option that lets you obtain the entire work succinctly summed up on 1 page. Using this service is very advantageous for the clients whose task is to represent the key theses of the assigned topic.

  • Draft of Your Order

If customers make use of this service, they will get a draft 1 page in length (300 words for double-spaced assignments and 600 words for single-spaced assignments) of their piece of writing after 50% of the established time frame termination. For instance, if the order is due in 2 days, a draft will be granted in 1 day.

  • Extended Revision

Our customers can refer to a free revision option within 48 hours after the project is delivered. Extended revision broadens this period to 14 days! Testimonials

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