AI Essay Writing vs. Human-Written Content: Who Is the Winner?

Nowadays, the modern world as well as our own life depends largely on computers. There is probably not such a big number of people who can say that they can imagine their life without computers or the Internet. In fact, people need computers in everything they use in their daily lives. That is why, it becomes necessary to make computers smart so that our lives could become simpler and easier. The development of computers, which simulates the human senses and intelligence, and has brought a real revolution in the world of technology, is Artificial Intelligence. At present, a considerable number of companies and institutions are already actively implementing AI in their work and studying processes.

Education is one of the areas that has been impacted by AI technologies most significantly. A great number of students find essay or research paper writing to be a tedious task. Not only do they need to write a well-argued and unique thesis, but they are also required to provide evidence to back up their claims, as well as organize their thoughts and ideas in a convincing way. When it comes to the writing process, they realize that they need help and start looking for online tools or AI writing software that can provide them with such an assistance immediately. The most popular AI essay writing applications used by students are OpenAI and ChatGPT. However, like with any innovative technology, it is essential to approach AI writing tools critically and consider their potential disadvantages and limitations. Let us find out what AI is, what its advantages and drawbacks are and how it can affect students’ performance and success.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as an advanced technology which is usually run by a set of algorithms, robots or computers, that utilizes real-time data to imitate human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can also copy or model human insight and make real-time decisions. In simple words, AI is programmed to act, think, and answer like a real, live human.

With AI, machines are able to perform various functions like thinking, planning, reasoning, learning and problem-solving. Artificial Intelligence is developing day by day, and most probably in the near future it will change human life drastically.

The Areas where Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied

Talking about the use of Artificial Intelligence, let us first consider the fields that can derive advantage from AI technologies:

Applications of AI



A lot of organizations are trying to develop effective technologies for fast diagnosis. AI can operate on patients efficiently without human supervision. At present, these technological surgeries are already taking place.


Using AI in business world can help significantly save effort and time. In concerns the application of robotic automation to human business tasks. In addition, machine learning algorithms can help to serve clients better. Various chatbots are working fast and provide customers with instant response and service.


AI can significantly enhance the rate of work in manufacturing. Manufacture of a large number of products can be possible with AI. Additionally, the entire process of production might take place without human supervision or intervention. As a result, a great deal of time and effort can be saved.


AI tools can make education more efficient. AI can discover the needs of students and provide them with tips and ideas. Also, AI can help teachers by generating tasks, automating routine tasks, digitalizing workflows, automating grading, which results in saving much time.

AI has applications in other areas as well and seems to be the future of the world. Many experts believe AI would become an integral part of human life soon, and the field of academic writing is not an exception. However, will students and writers actually benefit from it? Let us consider all pros and cons of using AI for writing academic papers.

Can Students Use AI to Write Essays Now?

AI has developed in incredible ways nowadays, and one of the most impressive applications of this technology is using it for content writing, editing or proofreading. Many professionals have already been using automated content writing software to write blog posts, articles, product descriptions, digital ad copies, etc. Now a lot of students also use the technology to quickly generate ideas, outline drafts, and write essays. These programs are known as AI essay writers and students use them to outsource their writing assignments.

The bots like ChatGPT seem to be useful for students. They can use the chatbot to read and analyze text, identify its core points, find relevant content, get examples of essay structure and word choice. In addition, students can take a blended approach, i.e. use a tool to generate new ideas or use an AI-generated response and then amplify and modify it. However, the main point of using AI for writing essays is whether students know how to do it wisely. This starts by finding out the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning. Thus, let us now explore some benefits and drawbacks of using this technology in writing.

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The Advantages of Using AI Essay Writing Tools

There are various types of AI writing tools, also known as AI writers, and each of them has its own characteristics as well as positive and negative aspects. Below you can see the list of points that highlight the advantages of using AI writing tools. Thus, AI essay writers can:

  • Process a large amount of data within a short period of time;
  • Synthesize information from multiple sources and generate a readable text;
  • Create papers very quickly and can generate a lengthy essay or research paper in just a few seconds, which makes them a perfect tool for students or content writers working under time constraints;
  • Compose essays in any subject and on any topic, and is able to create it, once you type your requirements in;
  • Generate new ideas for writing;
  • Provide you with extra studying resources;
  • Help obtain informative research elements to add extra value to your paper;
  • Help with basic grammar and spelling check.

At this point, one can assume that the main reasons why students use an AI essay generator are that it can save much time and help enhance their creativity and productivity. An additional aspect to consider is the cost of using an AI writing assistant. In most cases it is cheap, which is one more major reason why students opt for AI content writing tools.

The Drawbacks of Using AI Tools for Writing Essays: Cautions for Students

In spite of its flexibility and power, AI writers are not a flawless tool for creating brilliant academic texts. Let us explore the limitations the software has in more detail.

  • AI Writing Tools Can be Out-of-Date

    As a rule, their neural network relies on data that stops at 2021. That is why, various AI chatbots that you are using may lack understanding of emerging knowledge and current information about the ongoing issues and events.

  • Plagiarism Issues

    AI tools can process all the data but they can’t create absolutely new ideas. When producing content, Artificial Intelligence only repeats already existing ideas; it cannot generate unique concepts. So, you will only receive the so-called “old” text shaped in a different manner. Such a paper cannot be considered as a unique work. In addition, there are tools that detect the material produced by bots, e.g.,, etc. Thus, you are most likely to be accused of plagiarism or even expelled.

  • AI Tools May Contain Biased Information

    Similarly to all machine learning models, AI tools may reflect various biases in its training data. It may provide you with content that reflects societal biases, for example gender or racial biases, even if it’s unintentionally. You will not find “neutral” AI, since it pulls its information from the larger culture.

  • AI Writers Lack Sympathy and Emotions

    AI cannot replicate the emotions that people can put into words, therefore, AI-powered tools may not be capable of comprehending or recognizing the emotional context of a conversation/text. As a result, it will lead to insensitive or inappropriate content. The bots like ChatGPT may provide insensitive feedback when a student tries to use it for the revision process. Moreover, the tool may lack awareness and empathy when students ask something or engage in research.

  • Lack of Creativity

    AI essay writing tools usually lack the intuitive and creative capabilities that human writers possess. You should keep in mind that they’re programmed to follow a range of patterns and rules, which means that they are not able to produce creative or absolutely original content.

  • Lack of Critical Thinking

    AI cannot use critical thinking to make decisions that require trade-offs between competing goals or values. Content writing tools can only provide options or information, but they cannot make decisions based on personal goals or values like a human.

  • The Absence of Personal Perspective

    Content creation tools cannot generate texts from various perspectives, since they don’t have personal experiences and beliefs that can influence their writing. The anecdotes, personal touch as well as experiences can be shared only by humans.

  • Lack of Nuance and Depth

    AI-generated content typically lacks the depth and nuance that one can see in human writing. What is more, bots cannot understand specific audience’s needs and produce content tailored specifically for them.

Always do your own research first and make a wise decision. While AI essay writing tools may have some benefits, you can have your own unique needs. If you want your papers to be impeccable and written exactly the way you need, turn to human essay writers for help. 

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How You Can Benefit from Hiring Human Essay Writers

Talking about academic writing, one should be fully aware of each related aspect, such as accuracy, credibility of data, style, sentence structure, grammar, coherence, and so on. Students have to be confident that their projects are perfect in terms of the mentioned points. Providing that it’s not easy at all, many students are not sure about their strengths and opt for some AI writing programs like ChatGPT. Considering the aspects mentioned above, one can say that AI technologies are not able to replace human essay writers. Let’s explain what makes highly-qualified and experienced human writers superior to any AI essay generator.

Absolutely Original Papers

As far as human essay writers are concerned, one can state that highly-educated writers know that plagiarized material is unacceptable in academic works. Thus, our professionals will provide you with plagiarism-free works only, if you use our essay writing service. They produce any paper from scratch following clients’ instructions and using only fresh ideas. Moreover, each paper is checked for plagiarism by reliable software, and our customers can even order a full plagiarism report on any piece of writing to make sure it is original.

Thorough Check of Sources

Unlike AI, the experienced human writers always check the credibility of sources. They know well how to ensure that the gathered data is accurate and reliable. Artificial Intelligence uses the existing sources without checking their reliability due to the lack of judgement function that human writers possess.

Creativity and Emotionally Powered Content

You can make the bots write, but they will not create texts that will resonate with your target audience. This can be done only by human writers, as they are those who have and understand emotions. Moreover, human writer can create content that is appealing, creative, and interesting for the audience. They can use their intuition, beliefs and experiences to come up with fresh themes and ideas that are not possible for AI.

Proper Formatting

One can find inaccuracies in almost all AI-generated papers. If you deal with human writers, the references are inserted correctly and placed in the right sections, enhancing the overall quality and credibility of the work. The professionals working for us are aware of the latest formatting standards and rules and are completely familiar with all peculiarities of any citation style, so they will format your papers properly.

Content that Is Tailored to Readers’ Individual Needs

If you want your readers to read your content, click on the links and come back to your blog or website regularly, you should offer the friendly tone of your writing, useful content, valuable advice and hints that will help them feel connected and interested while reading as well as be informed and make right decisions. Thus, it is important that your content is human-based to avoid content shocks. Our trained writers are able to produce fully customized content containing personal touch.

Coherent Texts

Of course, AI programs can generate texts, but their quality is doubtful. Are you sure that the machines can compose consistent texts, with the parts logically connected with each other? Do bots use smooth transitions between paragraphs? Our skilled writers do that naturally and easily, since they have vast experience in writing academic papers and can compose clear and coherent papers that don’t sound robotic.

Papers that Follow All the Set Guidelines

Unlike AI tools, proficient writers compose texts that can completely satisfy your requirements. Our experts always stick to customers’ instructions. Moreover, we offer direct communication between our customers and writers so that you could be sure of final outcome. AI will never tell you that some instructions are not clear or missing.

This is probably not even a full explanation of why AI technologies cannot substitute highly-skilled and talented human writers. Thus, don’t risk your grades and hire seasoned human writers to be confident that you will receive content of unrivaled quality.

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Reach Us to Get Flawless Human-Generated Content

Content writing bots are clever, but they are not human. If your task is only to put together some numbers or statistics, these tools may sometimes be helpful. However, if you want to establish a connection with your readers, AI technologies can hardly achieve this goal. Thus, in case you need help with your homework, projects, writing assignments, you are welcome to use our professional essay writing service. Our team of highly-skilled and degree-holding writers will help you compose any type of paper, meeting all writing standards. However, this is not the only advantage we can offer you.

If you want to find out how you can benefit from using our custom writing services, look at the points below:

  • If you are a freshman who is not familiar with the peculiarities of college studies or have doubts about that, our experts can help you out. You won’t have to worry about complicated papers, arduous homework assignments, tight deadlines, tricky topics, if you use our essay writing service.
  • If you are going to graduate from your educational institution soon, our custom writing services will also be helpful. Our professionals can help you cope with the mountain of assignments you are required to do. With us, your assignments or projects will be done on time, no matter how complex they are.
  • If you need profound and targeted SEO content, our experts can help you too. In case you’ve used a content creation tool, but are dissatisfied with the obtained text, you can entrust your SEO articles or blog posts to our specialists. They will take all your comments into consideration and provide you with a strong, compelling and top-quality human-generated piece of writing with all the keywords properly inserted and the content that corresponds to the latest Google algorithms and trends.
  • We offer superb rewriting services, in case you’ve used an AI essay writing tool, but don’t like the produced paper or have doubts about its originality.
  • In case you doubt whether the text generated by an AI essay writer is spotless in grammar, spelling or style, you can use our professional proofreading and editing services. AI writers can be unaware of the peculiarities of some writing styles and vocabulary usage, but our human writers can easily cope with this task.
  • If you’ve hired our human essay writer but realize that some guidelines have not been followed, you can request a free revision. This option is not offered by AI writers.

Taking into consideration the points described above, it is apparent that one can derive the maximum advantage from using our writing service. You will get brilliant human-generated content that will fully meet your requirements and individual needs in terms of style, tone, coherence, structure, grammar, punctuation, formatting, emotional and SEO aspects, etc. Note that our human essay writers always pay close attention to minor details and take a personal approach to each order, which cannot be done by AI.

We would like to emphasize that we keep up with the times and recent trends. Our company tracks all the changes in the field of education, content writing, SEO, blogging, etc. to be aware of all new directions, standards and requirements in order to provide our customers with the best. Moreover, all our experts believe that your professor’s instructions as well as your educational institution requirements have to be followed to the letter. Thus, if you are looking for unrivalled content with human touch, original insight and proper structure, address us. No matter the type of paper (e.g. essay, research paper, coursework, article critique, business report, dissertation, etc.), its complexity, urgency or format, you can count on the assistance of our professional human writers. Testimonials

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