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  • Personal Essay Writing Help

    Personal Essay Writing Help

    A personal essay is different from other types of creative works. For most people, it is usually hard to express their own thoughts and describe their attitudes in the form of essay. Such things as personal feelings often appear to be hard to describe. Nevertheless, all of us have to write this type of essay at least once in a life. And when you start thinking about it, you should know how to properly express your characterin writing, so that people may feel and understand your individuality reading it. Writing a personal essay requires much self-analysis and consideration. You ought to ...

  • Business Email Writing: 7 Important Rules

    Business Email Writing: 7 Important Rules

    Business email writing is an essential skill for those who study Business Communication. If you want to make a good impression on your business partner, it is significant to learn how to write effective business emails. Moreover, it is important to understand that a business email is different from informal email writing and involves more formal language and logical writing structure. Learn how to compose effective business emails using this guide. Subject Line When writing a business email, always include a subject line that briefly informs the receiver about the content of the ...

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