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Transport Problems at Averett University


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Averett University is facing numerous problems in regard to transportation of students. The main problem relates to the scheduling of the bus and the van, thus making students miss classes. In the process, students end up getting poor grades due to lateness and lose points. The lack of enough buses has affected the student’s choice of classes. In fact, most of the students end up doing courses out of convenience, since they lack the flexibility to take the course of their choice.

Averett University has two campuses (Riverview and North Campus) located far from each oher. The transportation problems have made it extremely difficult for students to choose classes. Most of the time, the shuttle is always late to pick up students from one campus to the next thus; they end up missing classes and ultimately get poor grades.

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Another problem is the lack of enough drivers. The University has incredibly few drivers, such that when one of them is sick, the bus does not operate. Therefore, students end up missing classes and lower their chances of getting a satisfactory grade. In such circumstances, students have to read on their own. Since the shuttle does not operate over the weekends, students do not actively participate inn sports and games. This affects the students’ life in campus since they are deprived of the opportunity to engage extracurricular activities.


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To deal with the transportation problems, the University should increase the number of drivers, vans and buses to enable students’ shuttle between the two campuses. The new Cougar express, the buses and the vans should always stick to a framed schedule at the bus stop, to help curb the issues of lateness to class. The vehicles should also start operating over the weekends, to give students an opportunity to watch and participate in games and sports.

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