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How Relational Spirituality Influenced My Christian Leadership

In this personal assessment, I consider to discuss rational spirituality as a spiritual development that has influenced my Christian leadership. It encompasses loving God completely, ourselves in a correct manner, and loving others compassionately. Spirituality may be defined as personal search for meaning and purpose in life; however, this may not be related to religion. Spirituality entails connection to self chosen and religious beliefs, values and practices that provides life’s meaning hence inspires and motivates people to achieve their optimal being. In connection to spirituality, there is faith, hope, peace, and empowerment. The results of spirituality include joy, forgiving one another, awareness and acceptance of hardships and death. It is considered a heightened sense of physical and emotional well being and the ability to transcend beyond the infirmities of existence.

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Holistic spirituality refers to overcoming dualistic perceptions and opening our minds to new dimensions of possibility, a holistic approach to spirituality that fosters freedom, growth and maturity. I have developed a single mined pursuit because I have unswerving faith because I strongly believe that I will actually achieve what I have set out to achieve, I have the ability to mentally focus on my pursuit at any opportune moment, having good ideas around me all the time, therefore I have an open mind since a single minded pursuit is not a closed minded pursuit, I have also developed a large reserve of mental energy which is the core of a single minded pursuit. In addition, I have been empowered by unbridled enthusiasm, and the ability to have planning and organizational skills. I am able to set my programs and monitor my goals against them.

According to Biblical principles related to work, success in work only comes through faithfully working God’s plan. In 1 Corinthians 3:8, we are advised on the value of working in unity and in God’s intention. Hence, God rewards based on our faith but not on the results of our individual work. God is keenly watching at our hearts, countless on our personal achievements or how much wealth we can obtain in life. God’s desire for us is to be co-workers acting o sane body in faith in order to achieve his purpose. In addition, another Biblical principle states that success in work comes with seeking eternal things. According to John 6:27, we are advised on the value of hard work to achieve eternal things of God. This implies that God wants us to be blessed materially, but His main desire is for us to focus more on spiritual things first. A true success in work is laboring in od’s righteousness, love, and truth. These eternal possessions will endure and make us to have a strong relationship with Him. These eternal possessions will make us achieve true work success in all things we undertake.

The biblical meaning of stewardship refers to a free and joyous activity of God’s child, family, and church, in the management of all life and living resources for the purposes of God. I consider stewardship to be free and joyous because I am assured that God has richly provided all our needs for the support and wants our body and life. We are children of God, hence we should be motivated for our stewardship activity, we should show our love to God first because He first loved us. Furthermore, stewardship extends to Gods family which is the church. This reminds me that stewardship in not a personal thing but includes the role of the Christian community to honor God and respect one another. Hence, we are managers of what surround us and involves our lives and all things that God has entrusted us to manage as faithful stewards. In addition we are stewards for God’s purpose; hence as Christian’s stewards, we should work toward the glory of God and the welfare of others as well as our own. According to Genesis 1:1, God created us and commissioned us to be stewards, hence man is to honor and glorify God by being a steward in the world. God’s stewardship mandated to man is stated in Genesis 1:26, 28 He said “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.

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I have noted that to be a good Christian leader is very simple, that is, leadership must grow out of the heart of a Christian faith. There are different means of constructing the heart of a Christian faith. It is important to have spiritual development in these areas, first is to reconcile with God through Christ and be transformed by the Holy Spirit for the good of the world. The goal of leadership is expressed in leadership style that does not lead people to the leader but God. Jesus modeled servant leadership and led his disciples into servant hood. He spoke of leaders as servants in various occasions and provided an exemplary example of servant hood when he washed His disciples’ feet (John 13:3-17). Through this, Jesus showed an example of relational spirituality by loving his disciples compassionately through a willing transformation into a posture of joyful humility in God’s presence for the good of others.

Relational spiritualityy has influenced my Christian leadership because of heeding the word of Jesus. Jesus said that “Whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave; just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many” (Matt 20:26-28). Therefore I conclude by stating that, personal revival flows from fresh commitments to radical obedience and is expressed in the presence of the life of Jesus within and through our lives.

How corporate spirituality influenced my Christian leadership

Corporate spirituality refers to encouragement, accountability and worship. Corporate spirituality has influenced my spiritual growth in many ways. I developed Christian leadership because of discipleship engagements since no Christian tradition relies wholly on an individual soul that connects with God in manner that is not provided support with other Christians. Christian spiritual formation is understood to be a communal undertaking since no one comes to God personally. Spiritual growth occurs when we live in relationship with other Christians which is a journey that assists in seeking out people who share my desires to grow in a mutual relationship with Jesus, hence I am able to talk about my position as a Christian leader.

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In discipleship, I always invite others who hold me accountable hence making me to be able to share my failings and success, and most importantly we will always pray and encourage one another along the journey. I practice a regular quite time and look forward to that time with Jesus, When making life decisions, I seek Jesus Guidance first, I daily live with understanding of Christ love and full acceptance of me, I guide other people through the process of spiritual growth, my actions demonstrate the desire to honor God rather than serve my self, peace contentment, and joy characterize my life rather than worry and anxiety, I also trust Christ to help me through any problem or crisis that I face. I have been greatly encouraged by the principle of synergy, which explains that two or more working together can do more than working separately. However, lack of the spiritual gift of giving is my problem, however, I can overcome this because it is God gives different spiritual gifts to different people and giving is one of the spiritual gifts (Romans 12:8).

In conclusion, relational spirituality and corporate spirituality have worked towards improving my Christian leadership through discipleship due to the conscious dependence on the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit.

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