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A personal essay is an assignment that defines clearly the author's opinion on a specific topic. It is based on life situations and describes the author’s point of view or someone else’s opinion. Personal essay papers are telling stories and make conclusion out of them as a result of a lesson acknowledged. Personal essays, as well as many types of essays, need a subjective described opinion without any presentation of pros and cons on the issue.

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How to Write a Personal Essay?

A personal essay paper refers basically to one’s life events. It can be a personal experience or a life changing event in the author’s life or even of another person’s life. The main goal is to describe how the treated situation affects the author. Personal essay writers may write  about their own opinion, about yours or even about a character’s one. At first, a chapter listing and their respective description is needed. The author may start by writing about himself/herself or about the person he/she has chosen to speak about. An interesting personal essay paper often includes detailed situations and a well-described topic. An important point that personal essay writers must remember is to describe the relations between the described actions and the experience or awakening gained from it. A good personal essay paper always ends with a conclusion that resumes the whole essay. In the conclusion should be included: some personal opinions, life situations and the lessons learned from these described situations.

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