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The majority of students are not natural-born essay and research project writers, thus, they fear any allusion to academic writing. They consider such a task as a complicated, difficult and boring project. Such students prefer to buy research paper essays online, rather than to create them themselves. Frankly speaking, such a cynical approach is not quite accurate. Research essay writing is difficult and complicated, but the negative sentiments that surround academic writing should be dissipated.

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In essence, delivering a good research paper demands reviewing various resources on a particular issue and creating a paper with the help of the material found. Of course, all quotations and references should be taken from credible sources and properly cited. This kind of academic writing demands the use of reliable, valid sources. This may include scientific journals and legitimate news publications. One should take notes while reviewing material from various books and journals as this will help to organize an outline of a research paper. The outline serves as a frame to craft the first draft. The draft should include an appropriate introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and a logical conclusion. The paper's thesis always comes in the introduction; the body paragraphs should expand and prove the thesis; the conclusion should summarize the outcomes of the research and offer ways for further work. Basically, all the issues raised in the document will be supported by the research material.

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One should remember that a research project is not a chain of quotes or paraphrasing of someone else’s ideas and arguments. An application of such a strategy in writing would result in a summary paper but not a solid research paper. That is why it is essential to understand the aim of a research paper.

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There are several issues that should be understood when dealing with research essay writing. The most important thing about a research paper is that it introduces a new theory or an innovative approach to the issue discussed. It may bring to light some new aspects concerning the theme that is researched. Sources used for the purpose of the research should prove that the statements given in the paper are accurate and true. A researcher should avoid repetition of obvious facts. This means, that a true research paper should not simply point out the key issues of the sources. For, if the writer summarizes another works on the same topic, the paper is really useless.

The researcher cannot cite sources in any manner he/she likes. There are a number of established academic citation styles. One should understand which citation style is actually required. Some of the styles (such as Chicago or Turabian style) are complicated and only a professional writer can utilize them properly.

All this information leads us to a simple conclusion that research paper writing is not an easy task.

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