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The discussion chapter of a PhD thesis or dissertation is focused on analyzing and explaining what one has researched, demonstrating how it is associated with the existing literature. This section is also a place where you present your argument supporting the entire discussion. Taking into consideration that dissertation discussion chapter is one of the most important parts of your project, it has to be paid close attention to. If you write it properly, you will provide the readers with clear understanding of why your research is essential and important, and also with precise vision of its meaning.

A lot of students wonder how to write a discussion section of a dissertation, and we often find that they search for dissertation writing help from seasoned experts to write an effective PhD discussion chapter. Our article will help you understand how to write a discussion in a dissertation and what information to include to make it informative and well-written. Moreover, cooperating with our professionals, you will not only get a flawless paper, but also improve your own writing skills, having a good dissertation discussion example in front of your eyes.

Writing a Dissertation Discussion Chapter: Key Points to Consider

When writing a discussion section of your dissertation, you are supposed to interpret the results obtained in the course of research. It is essential to show the connection between the findings and both the research prompt and your literature review section. Additionally, this chapter has to provide substantial evidence supporting your conclusion. It is necessary to admit that dissertation discussion writing can be performed in several ways. However, it is important to remember that a dissertation discussion chapter should be built around four major components:

  • Explanation: what do the findings suggest?
  • Effect: why are the findings important?
  • Restrictions: what cannot the findings show?
  • Recommendations: what steps should be taken to continue exploring the matter?

The boundaries between the discussion and concluding chapters are sometimes rather vague what often makes the writers transform these sections into one unit. If you do not know exactly what structural mode to use, you may either look through some examples of a discussion chapter or consult with your professor.

The Purpose of a Discussion Section

  • One uses discussion for dissertation to explain results and interpret data;
  • It compares findings and research material with other investigations or studies in the same field;
  • It evaluates the overall research importance;
  • It highlights any possible limitations that exist in the research work;
  • The section draws attention to any areas or important questions for further research. 

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How Long Is the Discussion Section of a Dissertation?

The length of the dissertation discussion chapter has to not exceed the sum of other chapters – introduction, methodology, and results – and it should include 6-7 paragraphs. There should be no more than 200 words in each paragraph, therefore, one should count words repeatedly. In sum, this section takes about 40% of your project word count.

Generally, the discussion chapter in a dissertation can be divided into three separate parts:

  1. Introductory paragraph;
  2. Intermediate paragraphs;
  3. Concluding paragraph.

The first, introductory, paragraph includes the core idea of performing the study in question. It starts with an undebatable sentence, and then proceeds with information concerning such questions as:

  • What issue should be concentrated on or discussed?
  • What solutions can be found to solve the problem?
  • What is a different, new and innovative issue?
  • How will the study contribute to the solution of the problem?

The strong points of the research should be mentioned in the concluding paragraph of the section, using “restricted” and not too affirmative statements. Indicating the limitation of the research with reflect the author’s objectivity. Also, future directions and potential applications may be emphasized in the last paragraph. 

What Is the Dissertation Discussion Structure?

There are many ways to write a dissertation discussion, and the structure of this chapter may vary in various fields of research, buy usually the elements of a dissertation discussion are as follows:

  • Summary of the main findings;
  • Discussion of the findings;
  • Weaknesses and limitations of the study;
  • The implications for practice;
  • Recommendations for further research;
  • Conclusions.

One can also use these elements as headings to organize content in the discussion section.

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How to Write a Discussion Section

Keep in mind these 12 steps when writing your dissertation or thesis discussion chapter:

  1. Structure your chapter from the ‘specific’ to the ‘more general’: expand and move from the narrow boundaries of your investigation to the general framework of your subject.
  2. Try to stick with the same general tone of the introduction, i.e. use the same tense, the same key terms, and also the same point of view you've used in your introduction.
  3. Begin with re-stating your hypothesis (if any) and rewriting your research questions that were posed in the introduction. After that, present the answers to your research questions – ensure that these answers are supported with the findings of your thesis/dissertation.
  4. Next, explain how your findings relate to the expectations of your research and to the existing literature. Make sure to explain clearly why these findings are acceptable and how they fit in with already published knowledge about the subject. Remember to use relevant citations.
  5. Pay proper attention to all of the results relating to your research questions, no matter if they are statistically substantial or not.
  6. Remember to tell your readers about the principles, patterns and core relationships shown by each of your main findings and then put them into perspective. It is important to sequence this information: 1) state the answer, 2) present the relevant findings and 3) cite the work of credible sources. To "strengthen" your argument, you can point the readers to graphs or figures, when needed.
  7. Defend your answers. There are two ways to do so: a) explain the validity of your answer and b) show the shortcomings of the answers of others. If you give both sides to the argument, you will make your point of view more convincing.
  8. Identify conflicting data in your work. Make a good point of evaluating and discussing any conflicting explanations of your findings. It is a great way to win over your readers and make them sympathetic to any true knowledge your investigation might have to suggest.
  9. If there are any unexpected findings, include them in this section. If you do this, start with a paragraph about the finding and then describe it. Identify the weaknesses and potential limitations inherent in your research as well. Also comment on the importance of these limitations to the interpretation of your results and how they may affect their validity. Any study has limitations, so don't use an apologetic tone in this chapter.
  10. Provide a concise summary of the principal implications of your results (regardless of any statistical significance). Ensure to provide 1 or 2 recommendations for potential further research.
  11. Show how your findings and conclusions are significant and how they influence the audience's understanding of the issue(s) that your thesis/dissertation examines.
  12. Finally, discuss everything that is relevant but be concise, specific, clear and to the point.

As you see, writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation is a difficult, time-consuming and tedious process. Even after following all these steps you cannot be sure that your chapter is well-structured and effective. Thus, if there are any concerns or problems you are facing with this part of a dissertation, our writing service is always here for you. You can always reach us for professional dissertation help and advice.

Dissertation Discussion Writing Help from Professionals

Creating a profound dissertation discussion is a long and perplexing procedure which not all students are able to go through on their own. Nevertheless, our highly qualified specialists are ready to aid you to cope with the case. They are completely familiar with the specifics of creating various types of academic works, dissertation chapters included.

Our experts can help you write both a dissertation discussion and the entire dissertation. In order to craft a credible piece of writing, they will compare your research findings with those obtained by other academicians. Our specialists will clearly describe the methods you have used to examine the topic and state why they (methods) are useful for confirming your thesis statement. If you realize how to write a discussion section of a dissertation and have already crafted it and just want someone to check it for grammar, we are able to help you as well. Our skilled editors can bring your text to perfection.

Our team consists of ingenious specialists who are truly dedicated to their job. When collaborating with our dissertation writers, you can be sure of obtaining an authentic piece of writing since all texts are are written from scratch and are tested by a powerful program designed to detect duplicate material. By the way, our superb dissertation discussion services are provided 24/7. Thus, you are free to reach us anytime!

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Talented Dissertation Discussion Chapter Writers

You can be certain that your piece of writing will be produced by an accomplished specialist. It is worth stating that our writers have MA and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of academic areas and, therefore, can cover diverse topics. They are familiar with effective methods for analyzing information and undertaking research. Depending on the matter in question, our pros use either qualitative or quantitative methods. No matter the format, you can be certain that your writing project will be arranged appropriately. Without a doubt, you will receive a sterling work from us.

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