Writing an Interview Essay

Assignments such as an interview essay are required of students less frequently by teachers than, say, critical essays, book reviews/reports, case studies, research papers, and other assignment types. Still, interview essays are an excellent way of learning how to create questions and put them to interviewees in a way that gets results. If it is the case you are looking for a way that prevents you spending a lot of time on research, creating an outline, writing a paper, and formatting it, why not hire professional writers to do the task? 

Interview Essays – What Are They?

Take time to understand the definition of an interview essay before you begin creating your essay’s outline. These papers are written to describe a one-to-one conversation with a particular person, the impressions the interviewer got, and to show how productive and useful the process was. These essays explain what a person who was interviewed feels or thinks about a specific topic. Where research papers need to be supported with strong interview essays, it is necessary to select a subject matter expert and ask them appropriate and results-oriented questions regarding a particular topic.

When interview essays are approached in the way it enables the writer to gain a deep insight into a given topic by taking note of the vital lessons the interviewee has learned and any examples or experiences they can share. It is advisable for interviewees to summarize the interview conversation separately once it concludes. This aspect is a requirement. Anyone wishing to work as a successful author or journalist in the future should understand the art of interviewing and conducting various types of polls/surveys.  

How to Order an Interview Essay

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Brief Guide to Writing Interview Essays

The tips below are aimed at aspiring academic interview essay writers and they apply to all types of interview essays.

  • Whether you already know how to write an interview essay or are just learning this process the first task is deciding what the aim or goal of your essay is. Do you want to write about how presidents are elected, the procedure for cooking meat in prestigious restaurants, how Hollywood movies are made, or are you looking for the answer to a homework question? Begin by defining your purpose in order to decide the type of interview.  
  • Begin your interview paper by doing some research. Few, if any, scientific or academic texts are complete unless they are based on sound research, which means looking for the latest and most relevant information concerning the topic. Look at a variety of media to choose good questions. Pay close attention to the questions that experienced journalists ask when dealing with the same or a similar topic.  
  • If you choose not to use an online interview writing service and instead write your own interview questions, choose items you would like to talk about and choose a suitable person to discuss these items with. If the subject is quite narrow, one interviewee is probably sufficient; at other times, it may be best to compile a list of experts who specialize in the subject you are interested in.
  • The next step in the interview essay writing process is preparing your interview questions. Compile a list of the most intriguing questions that renowned writers ask experts in your field of interest. Include some extra questions since you may have additional time. Rate the questions in your list from the most important to the least to ensure every point is covered. Choosing the first question to put to an interviewee is extremely important. This question needs to be good, one that shows the interviewee that you are credible and serious and someone worthy of their time. This is similar to creating an attention-catching opening sentence or “hook” to get your paper off to an original start.

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