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Sometimes when students are carrying out important research, they have to organize interviews with experts in the field to uncover original findings and opinions, and this is where most of them need to write an interview essay. Additionally, this type of essay is sometimes an integral part of job selection process, so one might be required to write essays for job interviews. Although it might seem that composing interview essays is as simple as talking to a person, it requires careful and scrupulous preparation and might take more time than planned. You, as an interviewer, should schedule the meeting, prepare proper questions to obtain valuable information, stick to a particular writing format and so on. Therefore, it is important to know how to write an interview essay and what it involves in order to come up with a well-structured and perfectly written paper that will achieve the set goals.

Assignments such as an interview essays are required of students by teachers less frequently than, say, critical essays, book reviews/reports, case studies, research papers, and other assignment types. Still, such essays are an excellent way of learning how to create questions and put them to interviewees in a way that gets results. If it is the case that you are looking for a way that prevents you from spending a lot of time on research, creating an outline, writing a paper, and formatting it, why not get help or hire professional writers to do the task? There are a lot of companies on hand to help you, if you you don't have an idea about how to write a paper on an interview, and one of them is

Interview Essays - What Are They?

Take time to understand the definition of an interview essay before you begin creating your essay’s outline. In general, an interview essay is a paper that demonstrates a specific point of view on an issue, concept or phenomenon, which is based on the responses provided by an interviewee or several people. It means that in order to create this essay, one needs to conduct one or several interviews to get answers that will further be used in the paper. In addition, the gathered information should be thoroughly categorized, analyzed and properly organized to be further presented in such type of work.

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The Purpose of Writing an Interview Essay

These papers are written to describe a one-to-one conversation with a particular person, the impressions the interviewer got, and to show how productive and useful the process was. These essays explain what a person who was interviewed feels or thinks about a specific topic. Where research papers need to be supported with strong interview essays, it is necessary to select a subject matter expert and ask them appropriate and results-oriented questions regarding a particular topic.

When such essays are approached in the way it enables the writer to gain a deep insight into the given topic by taking note of the vital lessons the interviewee has learned and any examples or experiences they can share. It is advisable for interviewees to summarize the conversation separately once it concludes. This aspect is a requirement. Anyone wishing to work as a successful author or journalist in the future should understand the art of interviewing and conducting various types of polls/surveys.


When preparing for an interview, one should keep in mind four significant factors:

  1. The topic or main idea of the interview;
  2. A good and thoroughly formulated questionnaire;
  3. The exact place and date of conducting the interview;
  4. A particular format to be chosen for the interview essay (whether it is a question-answer style, narrative format or conversational one). 

Types of Interview Essays

Now, when you know what an interview essay is, there is one more important aspect to consider – the interview essay format. There are at least three main types of format your interview paper can be written in:

Question and Answer Format

Narrative Format

Personal (Conversational) Format

This type of format places the questions you asked and the responses your interlocutor have given to them right next to them. They are almost always direct quotes, and such style of interview paper writing can be used when you’ve interviewed a single person or a closely related group of people.

This type of paper will be formatted and composed in the form of a story. Here you are free to write from your own point of view or the one of your interviewee(s). Narrative format is the most common one used in colleges and provides you with scope to add analysis and context.

This type of essay turns your piece of writing into a dialogue, like the one you can see in books. Here, the tone of paper is informal, and you can address the audience directly, writing in the first or second person. You don’t necessarily need to stick to your list of questions. You can connect the responses with the questions to make the paper readable. In such a way, it will fit some significant details you can add to explain particular facts to the readers.

How to Write an Interview Essay: Brief Guide

The recommendations below are aimed at aspiring academic interview essay writers and they apply to all types of interview essays.

  • Whether you already know how to write an interview essay or are just learning this process, the first task is deciding what the aim or goal of your essay is. Do you want to write about how presidents are elected, the procedure for cooking meat in prestigious restaurants, how Hollywood movies are made, or are you looking for the answer to a homework question? Begin by defining your purpose in order to decide the type of interview.  
  • Begin your interview paper by doing some research. Few, if any, scientific or academic texts are complete unless they are based on sound research, which means looking for the latest and most relevant information concerning the topic. Look at the variety of media to choose good questions. Pay close attention to the questions that experienced journalists ask when dealing with the same or a similar topic.  
  • If you choose not to use an online interview writing service and instead write your own questions, choose items you would like to talk about and choose a suitable person to discuss these items with. If the subject is quite narrow, one interviewee is probably sufficient; at other times, it may be best to compile a list of experts who specialize in the subject you are interested in.
  • The next step in the essay composition is writing interview questions. Compile a list of the most intriguing questions that renowned writers ask experts in your field of interest. Include some extra questions since you may have additional time. Rate the questions in your list from the most important to the least to ensure every point is covered. Choosing the first question to put to an interviewee is extremely important. This question needs to be good, one that shows the respondent that you are credible and serious and someone worthy of their time. This is similar to creating an attention-catching opening sentence or “hook” to get your paper off to an original start.

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Amazing Topics for an Interview Essay

Good interview essay questions form the basis of an outstanding paper, so you should approach them with special care. If you are looking for some interesting ideas, we’ve prepared a list of great questions to help you start your creative process:

  1. What is gentleness? Does modern society need more gentleness nowadays?
  2. What is beauty? What or who is the most beautiful on your opinion?
  3. Do nursing homes make for the well-being of the older generation?
  4. Should society be socialist, capitalist or a combination of both?
  5. Is social media connecting or disconnecting people nowadays?
  6. Should the rich pay more tax?
  7. Are companies and organizations doing enough to make a contribution to climate change effects?
  8. Are our immigration policies outdated in the modern and globalized world?
  9. Should celebrities be more responsible for their actions than average people?
  10. How should racism be combated on an individual level?
  11. Consuming meat vs. going vegan: What is better for health?
  12. The relevance of college degrees in the digital age.
  13. What makes long-distance relationships succeed or fail?
  14. Are arranged marriages still popular nowadays?
  15. Is your character influenced by your genetics or upbringing?
  16. Do opposites always attract? Is it a good or a bad thing?
  17. Are happiness and money interrelated?
  18. What should be done to help all children get a good education?

How to Polish Your Interview Paper

Knowing how to correct your piece of writing and fix your content properly is one more essential point to be added to your “how to write an interview essay” list. As soon as you have all your ideas on paper, you will have to revise your text, paying careful attention to grammar and punctuation rules. Look at the common mistakes to avoid, if you want to produce a spotless paper:

  • Mixed up forms: your/you’re, there/their/they’re and whose/who’s are commonly mixed up. Thus, their suggests possession, while there denotes a place, and they’re is the contraction for “they are”. “Your” and “whose” are possessive forms, while you’re and who’s are the contractions for “you are” and “who is”.
  • Incorrect possessive pronouns: remember that pronouns yours, its, theirs, hers, etc. have no apostrophe. Its and it’s are often misused, so a good way to determine which one is appropriate is to use "it is" in your text.
  • Paragraphing: make sure your paragraph splits are logical. Check whether each paragraph in your paper deals with the same subject matter and sequence of events, as well as has proper transitions. Ensure you don’t overuse and, but and or in your paper. Additionally, avoid run on sentences when constructing your paragraphs.
  • Vocabulary overuse: A lot of writers tend to use the same words over and over again. As a rule, there are equivalent substitutes for most common words. Consult the dictionary if you are in need of a few more ideas.
  • Consistent voice: remember that the entire essay should be written in the same tense. If you begin writing, talking in third person, keep it this way throughout. In addition, ensure that your tenses are also consistent. You cannot jump from past to present or vice versa right in the middle of your essay.

Without doubt, there are many other errors, but the abovementioned ones should give you a good place to start. However, should you need any professional help, you can always turn to our experts. We also provide high-quality editing and proofreading services for your convenience.

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How to Write an Interview Essay: The List of Great Hints

Wondering how to write an interview paper that stands out? The following tips will help you come up with the high-grade piece of writing:

  • Choose an interesting topic in which you specialize, since your interlocutor will not have any interest in communicating with you unless you know and completely understand what you are asking about.
  • Select the subject of discussion only after you have decided on the topic.
  • Create a solid list of meaningful questions, written in formal style.
  • Search for and research possible sources of useful information.
  • Set up the place, date and time, which will be comfortable for the interviewee.
  • Ask whether you are allowed to record the answers of your respondent(s).
  • Try to take notes and write down interesting thoughts and ideas during the entire conversation.
  • Prepare an interview essay outline and write the paper based on the results obtained and the lessons learned.
  • Remain neutral when you are dealing with and elaborating on others’ opinions even if you have a totally different and solid personal perspective on the topic.
  • Proofread and edit your piece of writing to exclude the possibility of making grammar, style or spelling mistakes.

If you still doubt that you understand perfectly how to write an interview essay of high quality, you can always turn to our professional and sophisticated writers for help. They know all ins and outs of writing an interview essay and provide papers of premium-class quality only.

How to Order an Interview Essay

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  • The assigned expert will research the subject thoroughly.

  • Your paper will be written according to the laid down academic specifications.

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If or when you have an interview essay paper or other writing projects that you do not wish to waste valuable time on, your best option is to seek help from a professional writing service such as Doing this means submitting an order:

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How Do You Write an Interview Paper? Strictly According to Your Guidelines!

Getting started with your paper might seem to be intimidating, mainly because it entails a great deal of work – in-depth and thorough research of the issue and the history of debate behind it, setting up and conducting interviews with people who are expert in the field, analyzing the obtained data and so much more. When you have several courses and other writing assignments and extracurricular work at college or university, it can be hard to submit well-written papers that will bring you top grades. Thus, you can do it by ordering a professional interview essay writing service. You will get a high-quality piece of writing that the experienced and sophisticated writers will curate as per your individual needs!

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